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What better time to celebrate and have fun than at a wedding, when all your friends and family are in one place joining you on your happy day. When you think of a celebration and that too a wedding celebration, it seems incomplete without a drink on the table.

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However, you just do not want any regular drink on the table, do you? You want your loved ones to not only enjoy but also cherish the time they spent at your wedding. Nothing like a good drink to do that. A fun thing about drinks is that if you are found then you can get creative with the drinks you will be offering at your wedding. Whether it is a post-wedding brunch or pre-wedding brunch you wish to give your guests a time of their lives. If you love your drinks then you can even have a wedding brunch theme centered on drinks.

For instance, by setting up a bar where guests can make their own drinks and have the time of their lives. Compiled below are some drink ideas that you can try out at your wedding brunch.

Not Regular Orange Juice

Orange juice in your breakfast or brunch is not something unheard of. It may as well be called the breakfast staple. Having it on a wedding brunch may not be a bad idea but you do not want to make it very casual so why not spike it up a little. Mimosas are a great addition to a wedding brunch. Mimosa is Irish in origin but now equally as popular in the Americas.

One way you can make it a little more interesting at the brunch is by having the mimosa in a pitcher instead of serving in the glasses. The appropriate pitcher can be sourced from a local whiskey distillery on rent if you do not wish to buy one. If you get a glass pitcher it will also add a great pop of color at the gathering. To make it a little more interesting, you can add slices of citrus fruits to the pitcher to add extra flavor and effect.

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It is up to you what kind of champagne and what kind of ratio you wish for in your mimosa but keep it a little on the light side for brunch.

Who Said Coffee?

There will always be an odd guest or two or maybe more who is looking for coffee even on a wedding brunch. If you know your friends and family you have invited over to the brunch then make sure you do not disappoint them by skipping on coffee. It may not be possible to provide a steaming hot cup of coffee to all your guests but you can always go for iced coffee on such occasions. A coffee cart hire Sydney is a great idea that will be the highlight of your party.

You can have some coffee brewed a day before, chill it overnight or freeze as coffee cubes. These can then be topped with cream and nut flavored liquor. This sure has the potential of being a guest favorite if you end up mastering the right ratio of the two flavors.

Coffee may not be a traditional wedding brunch drink but if you present it with such a twist then you can not only surprise your guests but also make them pretty happy.

Monotonous Martini

A martini at a wedding brunch is a must but why not give a monotonous martini a spin and have your own version on your special day! A martini is best served when shaken so maybe having someone tend to the memorable martinis will not be a bad idea. Someone that is sure to make your guests wake up and relish their drink will be a combination of lemon and cranberry juice mixed with vodka. Add a lemon slice and an olive to complete the drink. You do not just want your guest to remember the taste but also the look, adding cranberry juice to a martini will certainly do that.

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Bloody Mary Bar

Add a bar for bloody Mary on your wedding brunch and you may as well have to deal with a queue. It is a sure-shot way to jolt you awake if you had a late night and had to get up early for the wedding brunch. More so if you swap the vodka in the drink with tequila! If you never had a Bloody Mary before in your life then be cautious while trying it. You may not take well to the hot sauce in a drink! However, if you like your drink spicy and spiked then this is just the drink for you. In addition to the tomato juice, add fresh lime and orange juice to give it a refreshing look and taste. Top the drink with a slice of orange and your brunch drink is ready to be served!

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Sparkling Drink for a Sparkling Occasion

If your assembly of guests is not really big on stiff drinks first thing in the day then maybe you can entice them with sparkling wine or water and also check off the wedding brunch staple i.e. wedding drinks. Bellini would be a sure hit for those who are looking for a refreshing start to their day without the fear of getting tipsy. One can get a little carried away on an event as momentous as a wedding so better be cautious when trying out those wedding brunch drinks. Setting up a Bellini Bar on the wedding brunch would be a great idea.

You can put an assortment of frozen fruits such as peaches, strawberries, pineapples, blueberries along with sparkling wine and water on one of the tables that can serve as a self-service Bellini Bar. As easy to make as it is to pour yourself a glass of water. It can be an instant hit with guests who are getting a little too bored or are unsuccessful in finding company.


Above are just a few of the ideas for drinks that can be served at your wedding brunch. Everyone is free to experiment and introduce something exciting and new on his or her special day. However, there are a few favorites that should always be kept in mind when deciding on the drinks menu for the wedding brunch. The drinks should not only be delicious for your palate but should engage all of the human senses. You want your guests to remember your wedding? Get creative with your drinks! However, make sure they are delicious, maybe by having a tasting session a night before.

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