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Why Exactly Does The Quality Of Coffee Vary So Much From Cafe To Cafe?

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If you are someone that regularly enjoys coffee, you might be wondering why the quality and taste of the coffee vary so much. The truth is, there are so many different factors that can directly influence the taste and flavor. In this article Café Strand Falmouth UK baristas (who produce superb coffee!) will be going over some of the different reasons why the quality of coffee varies so much from cafe to cafe.

Freeze Coffee Creamer
Freeze Coffee Creamer

Reasons Quality Varies So Much:

1. Region

One of the main things that can influence the flavor and taste of the coffee is where the coffee was grown. The region where the coffee is grown can have a direct and significant impact on the taste and flavor of the coffee. After all, coffee beans from Guatemala vary greatly with the coffee that can be found in Vietnam. This is largely due to the fact that Guatemala features a completely different region with different altitudes, climate, soil type, topography and more.

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2. Type

Another significant factor that can influence the quality of the coffee that is being served at a cafe would be the type of bean being served. There are two distinct species of coffee that are traditionally used at cafes around the world. The lower quality offering is known as Robusta and the higher quality offering is known as Arabica. This is typically why you will see a lot of cafes advertising the fact they are serving 100% Arabica beans rather than a blend.

3. Processing

Another factor that can influence the overall taste and flavor that you get out of a coffee bean would have to be the processing that it goes through. There are plenty of different processing options that a coffee processor can choose from. This includes natural or dry-processed, wet processing, and more.

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4. Roaster

Another big thing that can impact the taste and flavor directly would be the roaster. A lot of cafes will use different roasters which can have a significant impact on the end result. Not only does this typically mean that a different roast profile will be used, but everything during the roasting process can change the flavor including the equipment used, the experience of the roaster, and more.

5. Blends

Another thing that can directly impact the quality would be whether or not the roaster blends the beans. It is becoming increasingly popular to use single-origin beans which means that the beans were not blended together from different origins or farms. Therefore, you end up with a much more consistent end result. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Many coffee drinkers are looking to get even more out of there daily cup of joe by opting for supercharged coffee products like mushroom coffee and probiotic coffee.

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6. Brewing Process

Another thing that can impact the end result would be the brewing process. This not only includes the barista that is handling the process, but also the equipment being used and your chosen method of brewing.


Overall, there are plenty of different things that can impact the taste profile of the coffee that you are getting from a cafe. The entire chain of the coffee supply can have a direct and immediate impact on the end result. This is generally why you get much more consistent results with franchise coffee places like Starbucks and much more varied results with smaller and more local coffee places that don’t have a streamlined process in place.

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