Easy Ways to Make Your Groceries Last Longer

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Many people are familiar with the situation when we return from supermarkets with full bags of groceries, and then throw away a good part of the stock because they are spoiled. And often it’s just a matter of storing food incorrectly.

Many people believe that the best place to store absolutely all products is the refrigerator. Learn more at cookingtopgear. However, this is far from the case. Each product has its storage features. Let’s consider the easy ways to keep groceries last longer.

Celery and asparagus

Asparagus or celery will remain fresh and crisp in the water tank. You should put it in the fridge. But do not abuse this method: do not keep products like this for more than two days, and the water should be changed once a day.

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Home-made or purchased soft and crispy cookies get stale pretty quickly. To keep the original softness, put a piece of white loaf or apple in the baking container.


If carrots are stored with tops, do not expect all the nutrients and vitamins to remain in it. Simply because they partially go into the greens. The same goes for vegetables like beetroot, turnip, radish. That’s why you have to remove the top greens.


Any kind of flour is well kept in the fridge for up to 6 months. This way it’s guaranteed to be free of bugs. Pour the flour into a glass container and keep it on the bottom shelf. Make sure that there are no products with a pungent smell lying nearby.

An ordinary laurel leaf protects cereals, flour, pasta from bugs. Just put a few leaves in the bulk containers.

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Unfortunately, a useful snack of guacamole avocado quickly loses its flavor and its bright green color turns brown. To prevent this from happening, you can transfer the remainder of the guacamole from the plate into an airtight container and pour a little water on top. In this case, the liquid will act as a protective barrier. When you want to eat a snack, just drain the water.


To ensure that the avocado is evenly ripe and does not have time to spoil, do not store it in the refrigerator. It is better to do this at room temperature, along with a piece of fresh onion. The sulfur contained in the onion will help the tropical fruit stay fresh for a long time, and a small piece will not allow the avocado to absorb excess moisture.

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If you keep whole lemons in a water container, they stay juicy for longer and retain all their nutrients. The water seals the rind and prevents the fruit from drying out.


It seems that the fridge is the last place to put nuts and seeds. But the truth is, they do stay there longer. But you have to keep the olive oil at room temperature, otherwise, it freezes and flakes.



To prevent the root of ginger from drying out, spoiling, and preserving useful substances, you need to clean it, cut it, and put it in the freezer.

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