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Using Coffee Pods Two Different Ways

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How to Use Coffee Pods?

Over the years, coffee pods have become a MASSIVE rage among coffee fanatics and understandably so. They are time-efficient, require less waste and cleaning, stay fresh for longer and most importantly, you can make an exquisite cup of coffee minus all the specialist barista training. So, the question is what’s not to love about coffee pods? 

That said, people who are new to the concept of coffee pods, are often reluctant to make the switch. Especially, because they don’t know how to use them! So, if you are one of them – say farewell to the days of sad-looking, and average tasting coffee as today we’ll be teaching you how to use coffee pods; not in one but two different ways! 

So, without further ado, let’s take our first step into the world of delectable, barista-style coffee by learning how to use coffee pods. 

METHOD 1: Using Coffee Pods with A Machine 

The first and most common way to use coffee pods is in a machine that’s solely designed for this task. So, if you already own a coffee pod machine, simply follow the steps outlined below and enjoy Starbucks worthy coffee from the comfort of your home: 

Step #1: Fill the water chamber 

Keep filling water in the machine’s water chamber till it reaches the point indicating “max fill.” Ensure that you use only clean and cool water. Based on your preference, you can use distilled or filtered water. Doing this will prevent mineral buildup inside the machine, making it work better and last longer. 

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Step #2: Carefully detach the coffee pod from the packaging

Please note that coffee pods typically come wrapped individually, as this maintains freshness. Therefore, before placing the pod into the machine, ensure that you’ve carefully removed the pod from its packaging as it can easily get damaged. 

Step #3: Place the pod into the coffee machine 

Open the pod holder area of the machine. Generally, these machines have a button to open or reveal the pod holder. Once that’s done, gently house the coffee pod. Remember, the coffee pod should easily slip into the pod holder, if it doesn’t, you may be doing something wrong. Once the pod is securely placed in, close the holder.

Step #4: Adjust machine settings 

Now, depending on your taste choose the strength of coffee you prefer – light, medium or strong – and adjust machine settings accordingly. If your machine doesn’t show this setting, it may have an option for the amount of water you want in the mug. The more water is there, the weaker the coffee will be. Suppose, you do not adjust the machine setting, it will brew a medium cup of coffee. 

Step #5: Brew the coffee

Once the desired coffee strength is chosen, hit the “Start” or “Brew” button present on the pod machine. Soon thereafter it’ll release boiling water into the pod and then it’ll be discharged into the mug. 

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Note: Don’t remove the mug until the stream of water stops or else you might burn yourself. 

METHOD 2: Using Coffee Pods Without A Machine 

We understand that not many people own a coffee pod machine and hence, using a pod might not seem like an ideal option. But what if we tell you, you can also enjoy all the coffee pod goodness without a machine? Yup, you heard that right. 

Below we have outlined simple steps to help you make amazing coffee with pods without a machine: 

Step #1: Put a coffee pod in a mug 

 Depending on the kind of pod you’ve purchased, you can simply put it in your mug and pour hot water over it. Before doing this, be sure to follow the “Step 2” shared above. Remove the coffee pod from the packaging and drop it into a mug. 

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Step #2: Pour hot water into the mug 

Once you’ve carefully removed the pod from its packaging and have placed it inside the mud, it’s time to slowly pour hot water over it. Once you reach almost half an inch from the top of the mug, stop pouring or else you may burn yourself. 

Step #3: Let the pod steep 

Please be patient here and let the pod soak into the water for a few minutes. If your coffee pod starts floating, use a spoon to keep the water. Moreover, occasionally stir the water. Keep in mind that the coffee won’t be right if the pod does not steep properly, hence pay attention to the process.

Step #4: Remove the pod

Once you have got the desired coffee strength, remove the pod from the mug and discard it. The longer you steep it in the water, the stronger it’ll get.

  • Steeping for 2 to 3 minutes – weak coffee
  • Steeping for 4 minutes – medium coffee
  • Steeping for 5 to 6 minutes – strong coffee

There you go – now with this guide, you can make praise-worthy coffee using coffee pods minus all the extra hassles. You can even buy Nespresso compatible coffee pods to make the entire process a breeze.

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