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How to Brew Amazing Coffee at Home

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You wake up in the early morning and go straight to the kitchen. You need a cup of coffee to open your eyes and stop yawning every second. In ten minutes, your apartment is filled with the amazing smell of coffee, your gloomy mood becomes better, and the world doesn’t look that awful. True coffee lovers learn to brew it at home and turn it into one of the most pleasant moments of the morning routine. This drink helps deal with drowsiness and accomplishes breakfast. Besides, it can be pretty expensive to grab a coffee to go every day, not to mention how harmful this habit is to the environment. So, it is worth finding out how to please yourself with a cup of amazing coffee at home, brew it right, and save all beneficial properties.

Buy delicious coffee

How to make delicious coffee? The very first thing is to purchase delicious coffee beans. It is difficult to suggest a specific variety here because buying a conventional classic Ethiopia does not mean buying good coffee. However, you can search for the best Colombian coffee on the Internet. The beans must be fresh and recently roasted. Old beans often give the drink extra bitterness, acidity, and odd flavors like paper or rubber. Therefore, not to study for a year how to choose high-quality coffee, you can simply try different things and experiment.

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Choose better 100% Arabica

When buying coffee beans, pay attention to the roast date, region, and growing height. The most common varieties are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is more expensive and softer in taste. Robusta is bitter and contains more caffeine. These varieties are often used in the so-called Italian coffee blend – 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta. But when it comes to choosing a variety, everyone should be guided by their taste. Do you like straight, balanced coffee? Pay attention to the regions of Central and South America. If you choose coffee beans from Salvador, Brazil, Honduras, you can get chocolate, nuts, caramel, and tropical fruits tastes. And if you like sour coffee, choose beans from Africa since they have a balanced acidity due to the height of growth and the soil’s richness.

Ground coffee every time before brewing

Only freshly ground coffee can be amazing. This rule is not negotiable because ground coffee loses about 70% of its taste in 15 minutes. Therefore, regardless of the variety, degree of roast, packaging method, or cost, it is worth buying coffee beans. The grinding quality directly affects the taste of the drink. The best coffee is obtained when the crushed granules have a high degree of uniformity. Unfortunately, it is difficult to achieve uniform grinding and good coffee taste with a cheap coffee grinder.

Pay attention to water

The quality of the water greatly affects the taste of the coffee. A high degree of hardness or mineralization can spoil the drink. Therefore, before you start thinking about how to brew delicious coffee, you should check the degree of contamination of the water used for brewing coffee. If necessary, you should install filters on the water pipes. They come in different types. Some coffee machines have a filtration system, but complex water purification is the best option. It is also important to take fresh water every time instead of heating the one already boiled.

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Use the right temperature

Don’t brew it with fiercely boiling water. The optimal temperature is about 92 °C. Outwardly, this degree of heating corresponds to large bubbles that begin to form in the kettle. At this time, you can switch off the kettle and brew coffee. Do not stir coffee at once. Leave it for several minutes and not interfere with the process. Thus, you increase your chances of getting the best possible coffee taste.

Choose the right dishware

To get a better result, opt for a French press. The optimal brewing time is 2-3 minutes. Then the drink must be poured into a cup. If you leave it for longer, the amount of caffeine in the drink increases and its bitterness overpowers all other tastes. So, long-brewing can spoil even the most expensive and finely ground coffee. Cezve coffee is pretty common, as well. This cooking method requires close attention and takes longer. That is why special equipment is often used in coffee houses, and Turkish coffee is rarely prepared. When preparing coffee in a cezve, opt for finely ground coffee. Add it into water heated to the first bubbles. As soon as the head of foam rises to the level of the edge of the cezve, you must immediately remove it from the heat.

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Don’t overdo with sugar

The coffee taste is self-contained and does not require any additives. In terms of taste, coffee is richer than even good wine. When tasting wines, up to 750 tastes are distinguished, and when it comes to coffee, the number increases to more than 1500. Sugar has a strong taste. Therefore, it can spoil the taste of the coffee. If you add sugar to coffee, you won’t feel the full range of tastes. Lovers of milk coffee should be aware that milk does not need to be heated to a boil. Milk foam worsens the taste of the drink.

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