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Due to the fluctuation of prices of food recipes hence the need to make a budget of food recipes before heading to the grocery store to purchase them. Different stores have different prices of products. Food cost for a recipe could be for family budget or for food service.

As the owner of a 5star restaurant you need to have checks and balances of the expenses made and know how to spot fake calculator app, hence need to have a portfolio of the expenses made for each meal.

Need to calculate food cost for a recipe

  1. Due to price fluctuation, hence the need to have a budget.
  2. Check and balance of budget.
  3. Mindful of the total amount spent at the grocery store.
  4. To know the cost of each ingredients and total cost for a balanced meal.
  5. Knowing less ingredients that gives nice flavors but still maintain the quality of that recipe.
  6. Check and balance of bulk price to retail prices.

Tools needed to calculate the cost of a recipe.

  1. Receipt from past grocery shopping made.
  2. A notepad and pen  to write down ingredients to be needed.
  3. Calculator 
  4. Grocery stores website to make inquiries of prices of food items. 
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These are the items needed to  make a list of the items which will be needed for a family budget or a running restaurant.

Step by step method to calculate food cost for a recipe.

  1. Write down the ingredients  needed for a recipe.
  2. Write down the quantity of ingredients needed for a recipe
  3. Jot down the price tag from previous receipts and records of pasted purchase.
  4. Access grocery website to check for any change in price tag for the ingredients needed.
  5. Check and balance bulk price to retail price tag and know the kind of purchase needed to be made.
  6. Estimated the budget needed for your grocery shopping.
  7. Have an easy grocery shopping without forgetting any item on the list.

As the owner of a 5star restaurant there is need to calculate the cost of each recipe and know the profit and loss for each meal being served. The following are utilize below:

  1. Write down the ingredients required for a recipe , for instance golden yam recipe.
  • Yam
  • Egg
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Fresh pepper
  1. Write down the quantity of ingredients needed for a recipe
  • Yam.                        12 tubers needed 
  • Egg.                         1 crate
  • Fresh tomatoes.       12 pics needed
  • Fresh pepper.            12 pics needed
  1. Note Down the price of each ingredients and total cost
  • Yam.    ($4 for each yam) total cost of $48
  • Egg.     ($2 for each egg) total cost of $60
  • Fresh tomatoes ($1 for each) total cost of $12.
  • Fresh pepper ($1 for each) total cost of $12.
  1. There are other ingredients needed to make golden yam a whole meal such as salt, maggi and so on.This ingredients are measured with a kitchen weighing scale to determine the cost of each in a meal. Salt  which is 500g and 100g is used out of it which means per unit meal 0.5g is being used.
  1. The portion of salt in each meal is multiplied by the cost of salt to determine the price of salt in its unit portion. The cost price of 500g of salt is $6. Therefore the cost price of 0.5g will be $3
  2. Estimate the total cost of the ingredients in a meal.
  • Yam       $4
  • Egg ( 4 pics used) $6
  • Fresh tomatoes (4pics used) $4
  • Fresh pepper (4pics used)$4
  • 0.5g of salt $3
  • Total cost of $21 for golden yam recipe.
  1. The total cost is divided by the number of dishes made in that food pan. For instance there were 5 dishes. The price of each dish out will cost $4.2
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As the owner of the 5star restaurant like Mcdonald it is left for you to give a price tag for each dish out to a customer considering making profits from it and also adding up both your ultility bills and the employees pay and still make profits out of it. You could decided to put a price tag of $10 for each portion of golden yam.

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