How To Choose A Perfect Nanny For Your Child

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The most obligatory needs for a newborn baby is proper care. But, it can be much more difficult for you, if you are a working mom. Though it is true that nobody can replace you for caring for your baby, but in this situation a responsible good nanny will be the best replacement.A dedicative perfect nanny can fulfil their needs such as giving exact time for foods, medicine and also play with them to entertain your baby. 

But, it can be a hard challenge for you to find a good nanny. Some general question can arrive to your mind such as will a nanny will be good for your baby? And, how will you know to hire a person who will do the best job? 

But don’t lose your hopes. Though it is much tough to know a person, but if you follow some criteria then it will give you better ideas to get to know her. So, let’s begin. 

Some ideas About How To Choose A Perfect Nanny For Your Child:

Here, we will list out some criteria to choose a nanny for your baby in the best possible way. 

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Contact with your relatives and recruitment agencies:

The first task that you can do that is to contact your relatives, friends and neighbour about your searching. Because, it would be general that any of them have nanny or carer for their babies. And, they can have well experienced in hiring nanny. Secondly, the next you can do to contact the recruitment agencies. Because, they are professional agencies and can serve well trained and educated nannies. They can give you the perfect nanny in handling emotional and physical needs of kids.

2. Make sure her commitment 

Some basic things need to be cleared with the nanny when you rent her. She must respect the family privacy. And in an emergency, she must have to analyze the situation and understand the different stages. Further, she will be prepared to face them with extreme care. She has to be sensible and take decision with the situation. For example. she should never come out with stroller leaving rain cover. If it may rain, just imagine without stroller rain cover how worst the situation would be. If you have not enough money, a budget stroller rain cover can do the task for you.

Check their background

It is important to consider the background of whatever you are appointing people. And, in this section of caring for your baby, it is more necessary. So, from a well background nanny will be the perfect carer for the baby. Another thing is that you will get some previously checked background and you can also check their reports and go for hiring. Moreover, if you are unable to get it, then contact the agencies.  

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Consider their extra experiences

Consider some extra experiences that enrich her qualities. Moreover, please maintain the qualifications related to childcare counseling and nursing. It will be a good addition for her, if she has some degrees in cooking and nutrients

Check religion

Religion is the most important factor in this part. Because, your baby will spend a long time with her. And in this engagement, your baby will learn what she acts. But, generally a problem evolves that nanny can hide herself from you. So, in this case, firstly try to know her religion. If failed, then try to collect information about her from her belonging society.    

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Routine her activities

It will be a wise point that your nanny will provide you with a routine or write a diary of your baby’s activities. This diary will include your baby’s meal type, amount of meals, time of feeding, sleeping time and what she/he learns through the entire days. It will help you to get reports of your baby activity daily. 


After all, nanny is a stranger and it is real that she may have not as much emotion that you have for your baby. Sometimes hiring without considering may go wrong for you. But, if you are conscious about what your expectations are and try by following them, then it will be a good attempt. So, we hope that the following tips will help you get the perfect choice you are looking for.

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