Three Best Ways to Celebrate Events and Holidays in a Pandemic

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As COVID-19 restrictions continue and get stricter now and then, many companies turn to virtual gatherings and remote work setups. Several of these companies and business owners, particularly those used to run the office the old-fashioned way, continue to struggle to adapt to the “new normal.”

These businesses were forced to close after they’re unable to adjust to the drastic changes or just too stubborn to adopt new business practices. These practices include “digitalization” and working remotely. The economic and mobility restrictions in various states and cities have been implemented since the pandemic hit the country in February 2020. These restrictions forced many businesses to suddenly adopt those new business practices, which caused most of them to shut down.

The good news is that despite the losses they incurred and their continued reluctance to adhere to new business practices, some companies survived. And as the year 2020 nears its end, some traditions will remain amid the pandemic and restrictions. Traditional companies, start-ups, and others that flourished and successfully weathered the pandemic are all expected to celebrate the holidays, specifically the New Year. Here are the top three ways how both traditional and virtual holiday events can push through.

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Comply with Biosecurity Measures and Restrictions

The most obvious way is to, of course, comply with the prevailing biosecurity measures and restrictions wherever the company is located. Strict compliance with these restrictions should always be prioritized from New York City (NYC) to Washington DC.

This step is more appropriate for companies planning to have a more traditional celebration – a face-to-face event with personal interaction. Take note if there is a city or state prohibition on private gatherings. For example, NYC has decided to implement harsher restrictions on gatherings. The government also implemented more stringent policies on the conduct of non-essential businesses.

Complying with these measures is complying with the law. This is also an effective way to reduce the risks of getting infected with COVID-19 should a traditional holiday celebration push through.

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Plan a More Creative Celebration

There are multiple ways for both traditional and virtual celebrations to be more lively and fun. Many places across the country are suitable for a face-to-face celebration where unique venues thrive. There are existing services online that can help find these unique venues in NYC and other cities. Various event management agencies, such as Best Venues, can provide a comprehensive service. These agencies find locations, provide price quotations, and likewise arrange scheduling. Some of them also even help in planning out events.

For the companies that would prefer celebrating the holidays online, many online organizers can help in planning these events. They also provide comprehensive event organizing – from planning games to hosting the events. Some were even able to conduct never-before-seen shenanigans.

Do Not Be Afraid to Spend

Understandably, many companies remain struggling to cope with the effects of the pandemic. However, it is still much better to spend on the kinds of events mentioned previously. Whether virtual or face-to-face, these events are known to increase motivation and improve camaraderie between the rank-and-file employees and the management. And in turn, these things will turn into increased productivity.

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These events can be seen by employees as a way for the company to say “thank you” and appreciate everyone’s efforts throughout these trying times. This is just one of the many ways how the company values its employees and their hard work. Those are the three of the best and practical ways to ensure a safe and fun celebration of the upcoming holidays. Conducting these events despite the pandemic will provide a breather for everyone and a way to uplift their morale.

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