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How to Drink Your Single Malt?

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Bought yourself a brand new bottle of some tempting single malt scotch? Sounds great! But hold on! Were you about to just put it out in a glass and gulp it down? Drinking Premium Scotch Liquor is an art in itself. If you do not know yet, there are multiple ways to drink single malt scotch.

However, it still depends entirely on you how you want to consume your drink. Anyways, before you pour it out just like that, let’s brief you about the ways to enjoy your single malt scotch to the fullest without doing injustice to it.

Drinking Single Malt Whisky Mixed with Water

Consuming your single malt whisky mixed with water is one of the multiple ways to consume single malt. When you dilute your single malt whisky in water, it intensifies the flavor of your drink. This happens because water possesses the quality of bringing out the taste that comes with the barrel of water. Water also helps in the reduction of alcohol concentration in your drink.

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However, it depends on you what amount of water you add to your drink. If you consume alcohol regularly, you may very well be aware of what concentration level is suitable for you. So you can add water to your single malt till it reaches your desired level of dilution. Like if you drink Glen Scotia Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky, you may be aware of how much water you like to add to it.

Drinking Single Malt Whisky with Ice

Drinking your single malt scotch whisky with ice is yet another way for single malt consumption. It is also referred to as drinking single malt whisky ‘on the rocks.’ As obvious as it is, adding ice to your single malt whisky will make your drink all chilled. People have their own opinions about adding ice to whisky.

Some say ice dilutes whisky and lessens its original flavor as the coldness numbs your taste buds, so they prefer whisky at normal temperature to enjoy the richness of its original flavor.

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On the other hand, some people prefer consuming their single malt whisky with ice as, according to them, adding ice to their single malt scotch whisky gives off richness in its aroma and gives a better flavor. If you prefer adding ice to your single malt, make sure to add bigger cubes, so it doesn’t melt right away and keeps your drink chilled.

Drinking Single Malt Whisky Neat

Drinking your single malt scotch whisky neat is a popular way of consuming your whisky. If you do not know what it means to consume your drink neat, consume or serve single malt whisky without any dilution, mixers, or artificial ingredients such as flavor or color.

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It is now very obvious that neat whisky is super concentrated and possesses a rich, strong flavor, too, depending on the amount of alcohol it contains. As for its consumption, it is recommended to drink neat whisky slowly and not all at once. About 2 ounces of neat whisky are a good enough amount to consume since it is highly concentrated. If you want to try a unique and exciting flavor, then you may try this coffee flavored whiskey. And if you enjoy trying new kinds of whiskey, consider an American craft whiskey club subscription.


It is not specified anywhere that you have to consume whisky in certain ways. However, if you try out these ways, it might make you enjoy your drink more.

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