How to make coffee with whole beans?

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What is Whole bean coffee?

If you own the Best Coffee Maker, you must own the best coffee beans. When you purchase whole bean coffee, you’re getting an entire bag of roasted coffee beans. They’re still in the shape of beans. The entire beans, however, cannot be used to brew coffee. You must grind these beans at home after purchasing to utilize them in the brewing process.

Why is whole bean coffee the best option?

Here are four reasons why whole bean coffee is unquestionably the king of coffees:

  • Your coffee is fresher

To begin with, detecting the freshness of a coffee bean is significantly easier than detecting the freshness of a comparable batch of ground coffee. In reality, judging the freshness of coffee grounds only based on appearance is nearly difficult. As a result, buying whole bean coffee entails being able to determine whether or not the beans are fresh. And if they’re not up to standard, you’ll know not to buy from this merchant again! Freshness is important, so understand how to spot it.

  • Coffee that can be traced

Because most of the world’s greatest coffee beans originate from ethical farms and growers, you can typically track each coffee bean back to its source. Furthermore, blending high-end whole bean coffee with other varieties of coffee is quite unusual. When you buy a bag of beans, you’re getting a single batch of beans from a single farm, and each cup is dependably good. It’s not unusual for several sorts of ground coffee to be blended together to make a final batch.

  • Varieties that are unique

If you stay with whole bean coffee, you’ll also have a wider variety of options to pick from. Many farmers and manufacturers just do not harvest enough coffee to manufacture ground coffee in significant amounts. They only sell the greatest coffee beans on the planet and nothing else. So, if you want to experience the finest or the best, Coastal Blend Coffee Blends whole bean coffee is definitely the greatest option.

  • Grinding that is adaptable.

Last but not least, buying whole bean coffee allows you to grind each coffee bean to your exact specifications. This is ideal if you plan to utilize multiple brewing methods, as the firmness of the grounds has a significant influence on the final product. If you want to make the greatest coffee, you must have complete control over the brewing process, including grinding the beans to the ideal coarseness.

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How to make coffee with whole beans?

To make coffee, all you really need is hot water, coffee, and milk, and sugar if you want them added. The various brewing techniques you usually use are just strategies for bringing out unique taste characteristics and intensities in the bean.

You’re not entirely out of luck if you don’t have a coffee machine or if your normal machine is broken. Here are some tips for brewing a delicious cup of coffee without using any extra equipment.

  • Make your own cowboy coffee.

Cowboy coffee is as straightforward as it gets. Simply combine water and ground coffee in a pot, heat, and wait for the magic to unfold.

  1. A kettle of water should be brought to a boil.
  2. Allow 30 seconds after removing the saucepan from the heat.
  3. Pour in the coffee. 2 tablespoons per 8 ounces of water is a reasonable starting point, but you may alter this to your preferences.
  4. Allow 2 minutes for the grounds to soak together after stirring them in. Stir it again, and then set it aside for another 2 minutes 
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How to Convert a Thermos to a French Press

The addition of a filter to prevent the grounds out of your cup is the sole distinction between a French press and a thermos. Simply filter them out before pouring to get the same result as pushing the grounds down.

Make it this way:

  1. To get the appropriate temperature, bring the water to a boil and then let it rest for 30 seconds.
  2. For every 8 ounces of water, add 3 teaspoons of coffee to the soaking container.
  3. Allow the water to soak for 4 minutes after pouring it over the grounds.
  4. To speed up the extraction, stir the mixture at the 2-minute mark.
  5. Using a strainer, pour the finished beverage into a cup or glass for serving.
  • Cold Brew

This process takes a little longer, but the result is great coffee that doesn’t require any heat. It’s also simple to make a cold brewer with some easily available kitchen items.

Make it this way:

  1. Fill the filter halfway with ground coffee. For every 8 cups of water, you’ll need 3 teaspoons of coffee. If you’re producing a large quantity, divide this across two or three filters.
  2. To prevent the grinds from escaping into the brew, bring the sides of the filter together and bind them with string or a rubber band.
  3. Fill the container with water and then add the filter (s). Squeeze the moist filter carefully to break up any lumps and ensure uniform extraction.
  4. Allow for a 16-18 hour steeping period before removing the filters.
  5. The final brew is a concoction that may be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks. If you want a drink that tastes more like drip coffee, put some concentrate in your cup and mix it with hot water until you get the intensity you want.
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Is it better to Grind Your Own Beans?

Yes, if you want your coffee to taste as good as it possibly can. You may modify the granularity of the grind to fit the bean and brewing technique, so your beans stay fresher for longer. The only benefit of pre-ground coffee is its ease of use. If you want to utilize whole bean coffee, you’ll need a grinding machine at home. It does, however, add a stage to the brewing process.


It doesn’t take long to grind coffee beans, especially if you have a good coffee grinder, but you’ll still need to clean your grinder thoroughly, just as you would clean your coffee machine. Not everyone likes this hassle.

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