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Which Box?

The best option for packing the kitchen items is a medium box. We recommend a 4 wall Gaylord box. Make sure your box is large enough to accommodate a full load without being too heavy to lift. Keep fragile items in their own carefully packed box. 

Wrapping Glasses 

To properly wrap glasses, begin by laying out the glass on its tucked diagonally into the side near the corner of the paper. Roll the paper around the cup and tuck the paper that extends over the edges into and around the cup itself.  If you feel it is necessary you can repeat this process twice for a bit of extra padding. Pack glasses vertically in the boxes. 

Wrapping Plates / Bowls

Place the first plate or bowl in the middle of a sheet of packing paper. Fold the corners of the packing paper over the plate/bowl and secure with tape to ensure that the bowl/plate is completely covered. 

Then place another sheet of packing paper on the first plate/bowl and repeat the process with plate/bowl number 2. Continue this until you have a stack that will fit in the box of your choosing. 

According to the best movers in austin tx, always make sure that plates are packed on the edge as they are stronger this way and less prone to shattering. We sold our house to and the process was so fast. If you have an abundance of time to devote to your move, packing yourself may be a good option, but if you are stretched between work, family, and other responsibilities, consider giving yourself the gift of hiring a reliable moving company in Utah.

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Packing kitchen boxes

Once you have packed all the smaller items together, you can then begin setting these smaller items into larger boxes 

Line this box with crumpled packing paper to provide a sound protection for the items that will be stored within.  Alternatively, you can use kitchen towels, aprons and other kitchen fabrics as cushioning for your kitchen items. 

Loading your heavier items into the bottom of the box to support lighter items on the top will prevent many issues in transit. Plates make a great bottom layer for transporting glass bowls and other kitchen items. 

After you have filled a box to a decent limit, fill all the empty spaces you can find with crumpled up wads of packing paper. When you have completed packing a book, it should not rattle or make noise when shaken slightly. If you do hear rattles and shakes in the box, it may need a bit of packing. 

Remember to keep the weight parameters in mind as well. If you see that you still have space in a box but it is getting too heavy, try filling it up with lighter larger items, like Tupperware, utensils, plastic mixing bowls and such can be a great help in keeping weight manageable. 

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When the inside of the box is properly packed, seal across the top of the box with packing tape. Place a label on the outside of the box that specifies the contents therein. If the box is carrying fragile contents be sure the markings and labels indicate this with a clear “FRAGILE” notice.  this will ensure that delivery men, movers and you will remember to be extra careful when loading, unloading and securing this box for transport.

Packing Food for moving house

Perishable Items are not packed until the last moment.

Tape the lids of all food containers securely shut, this will ensure there are no spillages during the move.

Place all items that have the potential to spill easily into a sealable bag. Wrap glass bottles in paper and place upright in boxes.

Place herbs and spices in containers with lids before packing them into boxes for transport. 

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Once again, always keep an eye on the weight of your boxes. 

Packing Small Appliances

Make sure that all appliances are clean and dry before you pack them into boxes.  

If the appliance has any loose or removable parts, be sure to take these off and out of the appliance and pack them securely. If you still have the original packaging for your appliances your job will be much easier. But if not just make sure you have an appropriately sized box to house the items in transit. If you want to save yourself the hassle of taking on every single task by yourself, you can hire moving companies Edmonton. Visit sites like if you’re looking for a dependable moving company.

You may be able to pack more than one appliance in a large box. Just be sure that all individual appliances have been properly wrapped. Fill all empty spaces between the appliances with crumpled packing paper. From the heart of bustling cities to tranquil countrysides, brings Canada closer. Your ideal home, just a search away. When you have completed the packing job, you will need to make sure that there is nothing that will wiggle, shake or rattle while the box is in transit.

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