Is Texas Roadhouse One of the Best American Steakhouse Chains?

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Is Texas roadhouse one of the best American steakhouse chains? The most obvious answer to this question is an emphatic yes. It’s right up these with the best of the best steakhouses. 

It offers an extremely casual vibe, so if you’re comfy with its down-to-earth honky-tonk ambience, it’s just fantastic. The menu is wide and solid, with fantastic options for steaks, ribs, starters, sides, and drinks. It’s pretty easy to promise that you’ll have a good time. 


Texas Roadhouse offers 10 starters, though you may not want to over-indulge so you still have more stomach space for the steaks. Still, the grilled shrimp is utterly wonderful, though you may want to go with the Combo Appetizer instead. That way, you can try the Boneless Buffalo Wings (with either mild or hot sauce), Rattlesnake Bites (diced jalapeños and jack cheese with Cajun horseradish dipping sauce), and Tater Skins topped with cheddar cheese, bacon and sour cream. 

Steaks and Ribs

These are all cut by hand, and are on display. You generally get your pick of several sizes, except for the huge Porterhouse T-bone. That’s just Texas-sized at 23 ounces, so you may want to share the meal unless you’re really hungry. You can also try the 20-ounce Bone-In Ribeye. 

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The Dallas Filet is always a popular option, since it’s the most tender steak in the lineup. The Ft. Worth Ribeye is simply juice and tasty, with the excellent marbling. The USDA-Choice Sirloin is just marvelous, while the New York Strip has been aged longer for more flavor and greater tenderness. 

The Prime Rib is slow-cooked ribeye that’s just a treat, and the ribs (full or half slab) have been slow-cooked with a special blend of seasonings and the iconic BBQ sauce. 


Most of the steaks come with two side orders, and you have 14 sides to pick from. We’re always partial to the mashed potatoes, loaded with bacon bits and cheddar cheese. But if you want, you can go with the baked potato instead. 

The fresh veggies are also great (and healthy too). There’s an option for seasoned rice, or you can go with buttered corn or a Caesar salad. 


You can bet your house that Texas Roadhouse with its terrific steak also offers fantastic burgers and sandwiches. Some of the burgers include half-a-pound of fresh ground chuck, with American cheese. You can opt to go with bacon strip toppings, or maybe get one with sauteed mushrooms and onions. 

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Another favorite option is the Pulled Pork sandwich, with slow-cooked tender pork lathered with the iconic BBQ sauce. It uses a huge toasted bun, and the order comes with steak fries and a pickle spear. 

For Kids

The kiddies can join in, as the menu has items for them. Texas Roadhouse can offer them a couple of mini-cheeseburgers, made great with the fresh-baked bread. Then there’s the all-beef hot dog, with chili and cheese for an extra 50¢. Kiddies can also try the chicken (grilled or fried), and even the Kraft mac and cheese. 

But since they’re in Texas Roadhouse, the kids ought to really try the Ranger Meal Ranger Rib Basket. The ribs are so tender they’re falling off the bone, and it’s so good that it has won awards. The young ones can also go with the Ranger Meal Andy’s Steak, with USDA-choice sirloin steak. 

Kids get their choice of side, along with a kid-sized glass of milk, juice, or soda. They can also try the desserts, like the brownie, strawberry cheesecake, or granny’s apple classic. 


Of course, there’s beer. These include a Budweiser, Heineken, and Samuel Adams lager. There are also several options for white or red wine. Try the Dark Horse cabernet, though the dark berry flavor of the barefoot merlot is great with pork, steak, or chicken. 

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There are also plenty of cocktails to choose from. The Legend Margarita is a delight, but you have 6 other margarita options to pick from. The Long Island Iced Tea variants can offer you either a mix of Absolut Vodka, Tanqueray Gin, and Bacardi Rum, or a delightful combo of Southern Comfort black, Jim Beam, and Jack Daniel’s. 

Easy Accessibility

Finally, it’s a casual steak chain. It’s not all that difficult to get a table, unlike one of those snooty restaurants out in New York City. You have more than 600 steakhouses to visit, so plenty of people can get a taste and see the truth for themselves. 

Getting a table isn’t all that difficult, so you may as well visit so you can make your own conclusion. You won’t regret it, and the meal will be fabulous. The casual vibe is quite relaxing, so that you can concentrate on the food and enjoy the meal with friends, family, and dates.

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