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How to Prepare Green Tea for Weight Loss

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Nothing can be more refreshing than green tea on a warm day! And if you are gaining weight a lot, the cup of green tea can help you there too! Today, we will tell you how to prepare green tea for weight loss and a fitter body. You might not like green tea at all! And for you, we have added some extra flavors to make your tea life interesting!

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Step by Step Brewing Green Tea for Weight Loss

Here are some steps that will help you learn how to prepare green tea for weight loss! Go for ¾ cups a day and you will see how fast you lose weight!

Step 1: Prepare the Water

The first step you have to go through is preparing the water for brewing green tea. Here, the right temperature for brewing is necessary. Most people do not care about the temperature but if you are new to green tea, the wrong temperature will brew you a bitter cup of tea.
That’s not what you want! So, get the right temperature first. The average temperature for the water to prepare green tea is 176-185 degrees Fahrenheit. All you need to do is heat the water and not boil it. A thermometer can be helpful for understanding and perfecting the water temperature.
If you don’t want all these to bother you, go to the market and get a temperature-controlled kettle that will solve all your problems! Getting an electric Gooseneck kettle with temperature control can be helpful, learn about it more in!
After you switch on the stove, get the temperature high and switch off the stove right before it starts boiling. If you don’t have the stove find here.

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Step 2: Prepare the Mug

When the water is getting heated, make sure you have prepared the mug. In most cases, if you do this later, the water will cool down! Green tea works better for weight loss if the tea is consumed hot. So, we recommend you preparing the mug or the serving pot beforehand.
First, you have to get some tea leaves and get them inside the mug or pot. If you don’t want to go for direct tea leaves and you prefer green tea bags, you can settle for it too! Teabags are an easier option because you do not need to measure the tea leaves.
Also, it comes in handy. After you get your hands on the tea leaves or bag, place them inside the pot carefully. For tea bags, keep the holding area out of the pot and the tea leaves inside. If you need a strainer or an infuser, you can also add it to this position.

Step 3: Let it Steep

Now that you are done heating the water and preparing the serving mug, you have to start brewing the tea. For brewing, hold the kettle right above the mug and pour a little bit of water. The water will get inside the mug and will make the tea leaves or bag wet.
Give it some seconds. This will get the tea bag ready for the upcoming water flow. Once you have waited some seconds. You must pour the water from the kettle into the mug. Make sure you are making the process slow.
The slower you pour the water, the better mixture your tea will get! Slowly, start pouring the required amount of water and get the tea ready.

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Step 4: Pour the Water

Once the tea leaves or bag is underwater, the elements from the tea leaves will be extracted by the water. Slowly, the water will absorb the ingredients and it will get mixed with the water.
For this process to work, after pouring the water, you have to wait for some time. 3-4 minutes is enough for steeping the tea. But make sure that you taste the tea while steeping. If you steep it for a longer time than you need, you will get a bitter cup of tea.
And if the opposite happens, there will be more water than the tea inside the cup! The right time is necessary here. It also depends on you how strong tea you want for your mornings!

Step 5: Extras for Weight Loss

After adding the water, you are ready to drink it. Green tea itself works amazingly for boosting metabolism and reducing extra body fat. But if you want to increase the strength of green tea and lose more weight, you can rely on some other ingredients too!

  • Lime Juice: Add a spoon or more lime juice to the green tea to make it ready for extra weight loss. As there is citric acid, lime juice will burn the calories and will stop your body from storing fat.
  • Mint Juice: A little mint juice added to the green tea will enhance the power of green tea. For boosting metabolism and better nutrients absorption, mint juice is outstanding.
  • Cinnamon Powder: Add ½ tsp. of cinnamon powder to the green tea you are drinking every day. It will help in suppressing appetite and speed up the metabolism.
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Step 6: No Sweeteners

As you have added all the requirements along with the herbs to make it perfect for weight loss, you are ready to drink it! In some cases, people use sweeteners. We do not recommend you adding any sort of sweeteners to the tea.
If you are adding sugar or identical products, you are going to put on a little bit of weight instead of losing it. But if you still want to add something as a sweetener, go for honey. Honey with lime will work together for losing the fat from your body.


Final Verdict

So, my friends, you already know how to prepare a cup of green tea for weight loss. You do not need to worry about your weight anymore! You can take a sip and lose weight from now on!
If you don’t love the actual taste of the green tea, try to add some flavors and you are good to go! Check out the blog to learn more about beverages that can help you with your health!

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