Jura E6 Vs D6 : Why It’s Important To Have A Good Coffee Machine?

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Both Jura E6 and Jura D6 are the best-selling automatic coffee makers for casual drinkers. They offer similar features mostly. Both come with the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P) technology and the Fine Foam Frother. We have laid out the details later in the article, you could also read on the best jura coffee machine.

Since the Jura E6 coffee machine and Jura D6 automatic coffee machine are quality coffee makers and they come with a price, we should touch on the importance of having a good coffee machine. A good coffee machine is a good long-term investment. So it saves money in the long run too. Ensures daily quality coffee consumption. Boosts our productivity and promotes socialization. A quality coffee machine is capable enough to create a welcoming environment and therefore improves mood.

Jura E6

The Jura E6 carries many of the best traits from its more costly models. And yet it’s quite a brilliant and affordable machine at the same time.
E6 makes a smooth-tasting, espresso with great crema. You can program the E6 to save your modified settings. A top-notch burr grinder. Plenty of modifications for setting the right coffee strength. Works fast but does not make loud noises as well.
It has 6 specialty drinks – cappuccino, coffee, 2 coffees, espresso, 2 espressos, and milk foam. 8 coffee strength levels. Fast and quiet G3 grinder makes 60% less leftover ground Coffee. Weighing in around 22 pounds.

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Jura D6

The Jura D6 is a highly competent coffee machine. The machine fusions heavy saturation automation and energy saving. The D6 applies some of Jura’s most esteemed technologies.
D6 extracts maximum aroma and flavor from the coffee. Automates frothing, steaming, maintenance and cleaning. It has its own burr grinder and bean hopper. Great for commercial settings. It is ideal for many types of coffee. The machine needs sizeable counter space, little top clearance. D6 does not accept pre-ground coffee.
Versatile as it works as a cappuccino, espresso, and a coffee maker altogether. Plain text display for users. Adjustable temperature, water level, and coffee strength. Fast and precise AromaG2 grinder. Flavor optimizing and pulse extraction technology. The D6 weighs 19.2 pounds.

Differences Between E6 And D6

  • The Jura E6 weighs 22 pounds. In contrast, the D6 weighs 19 pounds.
  • Both of these machines have programmable features that let you enjoy the perfect taste of coffee in no time. E6’s TFT color display has 6 multifunction buttons on the side. Navigation is super easy. D6 has a text-only LED display with 2 LED buttons to access its programs.
  • The E6 accessory package has a 20z cool control basic and a 14-ounce stainless steel milk container. D6 comes with a glass milk container and a stainless steel cased milk pipe.
  • Bean hopper capacity of Jura E6 is 10 ounces. Jura D6’s bean hopper capacity is 7 ounces.
  • E6 has 7 grinder settings. D6 has 5 grinder settings.
  • E6 viewed as a machine best for advanced features. D6 is viewed best for compact coffee making.
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Different Jura Coffee Machines

There are many very good Jura espresso machines out there. If we compare the jura coffee machines, there are some of high standard.
Jura S8 – All functions are accessible by a 4.3-inch high-resolution touchscreen display. Select any drink by picture and the machine does the rest. Density adjustable milk frother, proper flat white maker, and a hygiene hassle-free machine.
Jura E8 – A smart machine with a cleverly formulated cleaning system. Great milk frother, easy to use, and a quality espresso maker. Although the fixed brew group is a drawback.
Jura Z8 – A coffee maker that gives up to 21 varying coffee drinks. Reliable for making café-grade drinks at home. You can customize 16 of the 21 drinks. Comes with Jura-patent P.E.P and supports J.O.E.

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Final Words

Overall, both the Jura E6 and D6 have their own pros. Jura D6 is more compact and affordable. The E6 is ideal for those who demand more features and capacity. Although it is costlier than the D6, the advanced features are well worth the money.

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