How to Use Edible Flowers in Your Wedding Menu

Marriage is the ultimate expression of mutual love. Through wedding vows, you testify to the world your unbreakable bond. With all your friends and family as witnesses, a perfect ceremony and reception can be stressful to achieve. If you are unsure where to start or what you want, you can check out a good services similar to this wedding entertainment Sydney here for a complete range of ceremony and banquet room options to make your wedding day a very special!

Making sure that a wedding day runs smoothly can make anyone’s hair turn gray! Getting the best decorations, gowns, bridal bouquets, cake and many more can be overwhelming. Choosing a gourmet banquet for your guests can be extra hard when you are on a tight budget.

Creating a stylish, elegant and affordable menu can seem impossible. But, you just have to think differently and look around. There! In your Home backyard! Your garden of flowers and shrubs can be transformed into classy and sophisticated dishes.

With your imaginative techniques, you can add extra color, aroma, and flavor to your wedding feast. Follow these recipes and it will guarantee a memorable day for you and your guests.

For Healthy Appetizers

A treat for the eyes and the palette, these tasteful creations will make your guests keep coming for more. By using simple ingredients and cooking techniques, your cooks will easily perfect them.

  • Spring Crostini

A simple crostini is enough to delight anyone. But, you can bring it to another level by infusing it with silky cream cheese and fresh herbs.Garnish it with a bunch of violets or marigolds and it becomes too wonderful too eat.

  • Aromatic Salads
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Tossing pansies and roses on a salad may confuse some people. But, once they have tasted it along with your vegetable salad, they will be quick to change their minds. Not only do these edible flowers add a splash of color, but they also bring a wonderful scent.

  • Squash blossoms

Get some oil and a fryer, things are about to get crunchy. It has been said that anything fried tastes good. The same goes with your squash blossoms.Start with stuffing them with quality cheese and spices and dipping them in a batter of seasoned flour. Serving them fresh and hot is heaven in your visitors’ mouths.

For Tasty Cocktails and Drinks

Friends, good food and gorgeous decorations are the formula for a romantic evening. Add some excitement and fun to the party with some flower-flavored booze! The intoxicating aroma of the flowers will complement well with the strong stings of alcohol.

  • Cocktails

For a light kick on your system, try a concoction of gin lemonade infused with rose and tarragon. Its delightful pink hues will surely match your wedding motif. You can use other edible flowers like violets and roses to make the drinks accompany your theme. You can get your guests dancing to the beat with a Bee’s Knees drink flavored with honey and lavender. If you want to mix things up, brew your own cocktails by experimenting with vodka and bourbon, by garnishing them with various floral combinations.

  • Iced Tea

Ease the tension and relax into the night by letting your guests drink some iced tea. With mellow flower hints like chamomile, lavender and hibiscus, you can have different options. Adding in some ice made of mojitos and hibiscus foliage will give your guests a botanical surprise, as the ice melts into the tea.

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For Delicious Entrees

Flowers offer a delicate and light touch to the palette. They can wonderfully give contrast to the bold flavors that your main dishes carry. By adding them in as a garnish or a puree, you can serve up a balanced plate. For your meat loving guests, you can give them roasted lamb legs and baste them with rosemary and lavender. For certified vegetarians, you can mix in some asparagus and lemon paste to their meals. Flowers will also give your recipes that pop of color that will elevate them.

For Decadent Desserts

To end the soiree with style, pull out all the stops and serve them with gorgeous and delicate sweets. These dishes will give your guests that lasting impression of how unique the feast was. For your dessert loving friends, entice them with these mind blowing menu.

  • Lollipops and popsicles

Handing these babies will delight and please your flower girls and their friends. Go back in time and let everyone feel like a child with your fancy candies. For different flavors and colors, use basil, chamomile, hibiscus, lavender, marigold, pansies, and violas.Mix them in with sugar, corn syrup, water, and a bit of coloring and you have a stroll in the field.

  • Pastries and bread

For a variety of treats in your dessert table, why not make some cupcakes and donuts? You can create an airy and bouncy cupcake, by checking that every ingredient is accurately measured.  After they are out of the oven you can add some violet jams as filling. On top, frost them with violet butter cream and coconut flakes!

  • Cakes
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Your first slice of cake is a symbol of prosperity and unity with your partner. It embodies the passion and tenderness that you have for each other. For a perfect flowerfetti cake, you can use popular flower flavors. You can partner up roses with dianthus. You can also pair up bachelor buttons and marigolds. Just like your love, the flowers complement each other.

Incorporating flowers to your wedding appetizers, entrees, and desserts can raise a few eyebrows. But, the kaleidoscopic world of color and aroma that they bring can charm any skeptic. Now, just like any ingredient, you have to make sure that you procure them from a reliable source.

If you are not confident in picking out your own flowers, consult an expert florist to help you. You can also ask your chefs’ and cooks’ experiences, on handling such ingredients, if they feel comfortable working with it. Do you also need a professional photographer? Stacy Smith Studios is a Rhode Island wedding photographer that can help capture your wedding day.


The bottom line is it is your wedding. It is the day when your fantasies come true and dreams are blended with reality. Edible flowers on your menu can help you build that fairytale to life.

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