The baker’s checklist: A complete list of the best baking essentials

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No battle can be won if you don’t have the right resources.

Ask any chef, and they will tell you that a culinary battle is no different! While there is surely something therapeutic about baking, doing so without the essentials can make the task seem frustrating and much less enjoyable than one would like it to be.

Whether you are a beginner baker wishing to bake delicious delicacies from the get-go, or a master chef looking to declutter your kitchen to only include the best essentials, we have you covered. Here is a baker’s checklist that will help you in creating delectable desserts every time you put on your chef’s hat!

1. Measuring cups and spoons

Anyone who thinks mathematics and accuracy is only required in science-related fields should think again! It turns out; baking is an art that requires immense precision. One wrong move with measuring and weighing your ingredients, and your dessert will be ruined!

Even if you think you are expert enough to guess the right measurement, we would advise you not to take risks where risk-taking is not a necessity. Instead, equip yourself with measuring cups and spoons. Whether it be dry or wet ingredients, each of them needs to be properly measured.

To measure liquid, keep 1-cup, 2-cup, and 4-cup sizes handy in your cabinets. For dry ingredients, you will require a measuring cup set featuring ¼ cup till 1 cup size. Additionally, have spoons ranging from ½ teaspoon to a full tablespoon.

Always keep this tool at a place that is easily accessible at all times. This is one of the most basic and sought-after baking tools for bakers.

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2. Rolling Pins

Rolling Pins can be of help in ways that may not be apparent to a baker from the get-go.

Apart from using the tool for rolling out cookie dough, pie crusts, and fondants, you can also use it to crush crackers, chips, and cookies when creating a base for cheesecakes and other baking items. For those of you who don’t have a food processor, place the item you wish to crush in a sealable bag and then use your rolling pin to smash it all into a powdered form!

This is one of the best hacks for beginner bakers and chefs who don’t want to invest in expensive tools.

3. Oven Thermometer

One of the most underrated baking essentials has to be an oven thermometer. This is because many think that since you are setting a given temperature of the oven, there is no point in an additional tool for gauging its temperature.

Well, it turns out that you need to regularly calibrate your oven to ensure that it reflects the right temperature. If you don’t do so, merely setting the temperature to, let’s say, 340 degrees Fahrenheit doesn’t mean that the temperature inside the oven will be the same. Instead, it can be anywhere between 10 – 100 degrees different than the required temperature!

Again, just like measurements are important in baking, so is maintaining the right temperature. Unless you can regularly get your oven calibrated, purchase an oven thermometer and place it inside before you put your batter in the oven.

4. Spatula

Now, there are two types of spatulas you must have before you begin your baking adventure. This includes a rubber spatula and a metal spatula.

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A rubber spatula comes in handy when scrapping off batter or dough out of a bowl and into the baking man. Similarly, it also allows you to effectively fold your dry and wet ingredients together.

On the other hand, a metal spatula or turner will be a life-saver when you are trying to transfer a fresh-out-of-the-oven item from the baking pan to the serving dish. This includes cookies, tarts, and cake. For this purpose, always pick a spatula with a thin metal plate so that you can easily slide it beneath your baked item.

5. Baking Pan

We are certain you already know and use a baking pan. To say that it is a must tool for any baker would not do justice to the role of a baking pan. After all, without it, it is impossible to bake anything!

Now, there are various different types of baking pans available.

Which one will be ideal for you depends on your baking needs. For instance, if you mainly bake pies, a standard 9-inch pie plate will be perfect for you. If you are more of a cake and bread baker, you can choose 12-count muffin pans, a 9 by 5-inch loaf pan, and a 9 by 13-inch baking man.

6. Cooling Racks

It turns out that there is a technique and art to cooling your baked items as well. And doing so in the baking pan or on the counter is certainly not the right way.

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Well, this is because both techniques hinder consistent cooling of the baked item. This is because it lowers the cooling rate of the bottom part of the item since no air gets to the part.

Therefore, having a cooling rack to cool off your cookies and cupcakes will help in ensuring that your baked good cools evenly. Don’t invest too much into this tool. You will need at most two cooling racks unless you are a professional baker who runs a bakery!

7. Cake turntables

Merely getting the taste right is not enough for a baker. Instead, you must present it well and professionally. This is especially true for cakes. After all, we live in a time where cakes are decorated to such perfection that you can never be sure which is a real object and which is a cake!

We understand that not everyone can master the level of accuracy depicted by some bakers; the fact remains that your invention must look aesthetically pleasing. This is where professional cake turntables come in.

This tool allows you to create a smooth layer of icing on your cake without making a mess. It also ensures that your decorative touches are consistent throughout the cake. Most quality turntables spin in both directions, making them both right-handed and left-handed individuals.

Ending Remarks

Use these seven core baking essentials to get your baking adventure started. Let the tools take care of the technical things while you focus on delivering great taste. Good luck!

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