Lutenica and Ajvar – Homemade food brings true joy

Most of the ladies are busy with two or more things to do at once and often they don`t have the time for kitchen indulgence. The professional engagements and the commitment to the home

and family are so time-consuming that we don`t get the opportunity to prepare preserved food, even more for the winter season. There are a lot of “top-class chefs” amongst the men who deserve our gratitude but then again we face the problem with the lack of time.

● At grandma`s and grandpa`s

Many years ago life in the countryside was so different in comparison with nowadays that producing all the food by themselves at home was the only option for our grandparents. They could hardly imagine the stress and the intensity experienced by the modern citizen. And hereby we speak again not just for the willingness of preparing and preserving food but for the physical dealing with this laborious process.

● Benefits

Today, on the other hand, we are so privileged thanks to the easy access to all kinds of products, especially on the online market with its convenience and fast service. This is the most proper way to put some traditional flavors on our table. And it`s not about getting traditional food from our culture only but to taste and experience different culture`s meals.

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● Ajvar – the delightful taste of the Balkan art of cooking

We won`t take much time on the origin of this marvelous taste. It`s not about if it comes from Serbia or Macedonia, or if it`s a time-developed Bulgarian type of the recipe

– it`s all about the delight! There is no way for you to miss to appreciate this awesome product the right way. It doesn`t matter if you choose to consume the ayvar by itself or as part of a sandwich, or even as a side dish to your freshly roasted meat – the incomparable combination of scalloped peppers and garlic will leave you amazed.

This petite appetizer, or a starter, or a side dish (whatever you call this it won`t be wrong) is usually being made by scalloped peppers only. The lack of tomatoes brings the main difference between the well-known and beloved Bulgarian lutenica. Other possible ingredients could be garlic, parsley, salt, and black pepper.

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The vegetables are being steamed in a marinade consisted of cooking oil, vinegar, and sugar. According to the region of production, there may be different varieties of the original recipe. Some of them include eggplant (in a small quantity) and others – the not-so-typical for the ajvar marrow squash.

If you got a taste for spicy food you will fall in love with the ayvar from kapya (spicy peppers). One extra jar for “emergencies” won`t harm anybody and it always can be useful. In small poses, spicy food is beneficial for the organism. It has got antibacterial properties and strengthens immunity, especially through the cold time of the year.

● Preserved food – the convenience on your daily routine

Usually, if a meal is not just cooked it is being called noxious. If it`s packed it can`t be good! This myth easily can be destroyed. The canned vegetable appetizers not only reserve the wholesome ingredients of fresh vegetables but they also can be quickly transformed into a cooked dinner. You just add on some products and you get a perfectly nutritive meal. Another plus is that you spend just a couple of minutes cooking. The homemade preserved food, thanks to the ingredients like parsley and garlic, strengthens the organism’s immunity system and provides it with the most of the daily substance needed.

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Even a sandwich from a whole grain bread with lutenica and ajvar sprinkled with Bulgarian cow cheese is better than fried fast food which overwhelms the human organism by giving it additional and unhealthy calories.


When you prepare a meal at home it is always better to check the recipe and the necessary ingredients first. Also, anytime anything could happen to impede the process of cooking. At this moment some additional jars could be a healthy and delicious real lifesaver for mommy and daddy. Don`t worry that you can`t handle everything at a time. That doesn`t make you useless.

On the contrary – homemade food is not always prepared at the exact moment. After all the most important are the family moments and it depends on you how they will be spent.

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