Quick Covering And Cleaning Tips To Make The Furniture Covers Last Long And More Functional

You will need to clean and wash your furniture covers to retain its look and functionality. However, you will have to make sure that you clean it and cover your furniture correctly to get the optimal benefits of using a furniture cover.

  • To use these furniture covers properly, make sure that you wash it before you put them on your furniture. Make sure that you press it before putting it in the washing machine. This will prevent it from shrinking after washing.
  • Do not take the covers out of the dryer before these are completely dry. Never put on wet covers on the furniture, thinking that it will dry in any way. This may give rise to moisture retention on the furniture and mold and mildew growth. For effective solutions and remediation, consider professional services such as Mold Remediation Manalapan to address any mold and mildew issues on your furniture. You should have Huntington beach mold inspections regularly. Mold Remediation should be done immediately when mold is spotted.
  • Place the cover starting with the front center of it. Place it on the furniture inside out and then grain it up and down.
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Do not use center seam if the width of the furniture is more than the fabric. Follow the form of furniture. Trim the seams and pin the fabric snugly to the furniture. Use the piping as your guide when you grain the fabric up and down, making some small adjustments if required.

Quick cleaning tips

Your patio or interior furniture will be spick and span if you clean the furniture covers. Here are a few quick cleaning tips.

  • Never use any toxic chemicals or machine wash it. You must hand wash the covers using a mild soap and a garden hose. If you need to scrub, only use a brush with soft bristles.
  • Always air dry your covers after washing and make sure that it is completely dry before you put it on your furniture back again or for storing.
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When you store your furniture covers use approved protectants and cleaning sprays to ensure that the covers are working just like new for many years.

  • You can use a multi-surface cleaner to rejuvenate and brighten the surface of the outdoor furniture covers. It will remove stubborn spots and stains from it.
  • You can also use vinyl protective cleaner to prevent the fabric from premature fading, aging or cracking. This will restore the lost color and luster and will dry to give it a bright matte finish and UV protection.

To restore and fortify water repellency, you can use a fabric guard. This will ensure that the cover protects your furniture from both oil-based and water-based stains.

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Keeping the covers in place

Once you put the covers back on, ensure that it stays in place. You can use a strip of a rug grip on the seats before putting it on. It will stabilize the cover and the rug. Push excess fabric into the creases near the arms and the back of the couch. You can use a wooden spoon to press the fabric.

Pull any wrinkles, straighten the fabric toward the back and arms and tighten the drawstring with the base of the couch to secure the entire cover tightly in place.

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