Tips To Click Drool-Worthy Photos of Food for Instagram

If the food has arrived at your table and you are still struggling to get the perfect food-porn shot, then you need some amazing tricks, to begin with. Even if you are not a professional, still you can click drool-worthy food photographs. There is no denying of the fact that clicking the perfect photos of your food is a struggle, and you need to focus on several elements to get the right shot. Why not hire a reputable food photographer to do the perfect shot?

According to, photography field is diverse, and one needs to pick their niche correctly to become a successful photographer.

Tips To Get the Perfect Shot of Food

  • Natural Light: Artificial light will make the food look displeasing to your eyes, so make sure you are shooting in natural light if possible. With food photography, try to pick the seat next to the window if you are in a restaurant. If you are doing it in your home, then make sure you are shutting off all the lights and put the food near to the window. If the light is coming from two different sources, then it will make the photography look weird.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Shooting in natural light is essential but do not shoot in the direct sunlight because it will make the photo appear harsh and will have extreme shadows. Extreme sunlight may add some modern feel and make a picture look cool, but with food photos, it will appear very intense. Try to click pictures in the diffuse light. Opt for soft shadows as the direct sunlight comes with unflattering shadows. Poor lighting can ruin a perfect shot.
  • Composition: Add dimension and character to the food photo. When food has a lot of elements, then food styling can get tricky. Pick the hero of the picture and focus on that element. Marble worktops or napkins can also add detailing in the background. You can try implementing an unusual Instagram photo idea to create a unique composition.
  • Angles: Try to click pictures from different angles and bring uniqueness in your photography style. Instead of clicking photos of a simple egg poach; break the yolk for adding a new dimension to the picture. Pour the coffee in the cup or take a bite of the food and click the picture from interesting angles. If you can’t find the perfect shooting angle, then go for the aerial shot. It will make every picture look catchy by filtering out the distracting background. One can also buy 20 Instagram likes to give the picture an extra boost.
  • Adjust Exposure: While clicking the picture, make sure you are adjusting the exposure manually. Exposure will determine whether the photo will be dark or light. It will help you to shoot the perfect picture in the dark or super sunny locations.
  • Do not zoom: If you don’t want the food to look crappy, then do not use the zoom option. Zooming in the picture will ruin the quality of the photo. To get the close shot make sure you are moving the camera closer to the food.
  • Simplify: Pick the right frame for photography and keep the frame uncluttered and clean. Remove any unwanted utensil from the table if they are not adding an element to the photo. If you want the photo to stand out, then try to simplify it because less is more.
  • White Napkin: Too much of natural light can overexpose the photo and distort the subject. Use white napkin and hold it near the plate to allow the light to bounce and give the photo a model treatment.
  • Feed Designing: Feed designing is essential because it helps to give your Instagram a theme. Minor elements can bring a significant impact on the Instagram account. Most of the food Instagrammers maintains consistency. One can stick to the same background for every shot or use the same editing style. By sticking to a particular feed design, one will be able to create a recognizable and strong brand.
  • Editing: There are several photo editing applications available for phones and desktops. Adobe Express has a remove background from image free tool. Adjust the contrast, highlights, color saturation and exposure to make the photo look realistic. Do not overdo with the editing.
  • Avoid Filters: With food photography, try to avoid filters. Instagram filters may be great for particular pictures, but with the food, they are not. Make sure you are doing some minor editing like healing the small elements or removing certain elements from the background to bring more focus on the photo.
  • Grid: While clicking pictures for your Instagram make sure you are enabling the photo grid option. It will help to click photographs which are perfectly lined like cookies. The lines will appear on the screen to guide you, and it won’t appear in the clicked photo.
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We hope these food photography tips will help you to click the perfect shoot of food. But If you want some professional tips to take your food pictures to the next level, this comprehensive food photography guide is for you.


These are the few tips that you need to keep in mind to click great food photos for Instagram. Instagram is filled with food photography so you can take some inspiration from them.

Every food photo has a tale to tell so make sure that your Instagram account has a perfect theme that will blend appropriately with the food photographs, mainly if you are a food blogger.

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