Never Let Your Kids Enter Kitchen Unless You Know These 7 Things

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We understand how much kids can be persistent to join you in kitchen chores, but it can be dangerous. Many things in their scan hurt them. Being a parent, you need to find the balance between letting them be in the kitchen to help you and ensuring their safety. To know more about things that decide whether young ones should be in the kitchenette or not, keep on reading

Hideaway Sharp Objects

Knives are necessary instruments to make a dish, but these should be kept aside when kids are around. Children can easily hurt themselves with sharp knives, so replace them with kid-friendly knives and other gadgets like pea sheller machines.  These ensure that no child hurts himself while working in the kitchen, even if not supervised. 

Such products are easy to use and will also fulfill the need of children to contribute their efforts in cooking meals. Ensure that accessories like vegetable peelers, cheese grater, and choppers are kept in a locked cabinet where they are unreachable for kids. 

Give Kids Their Own Place

It is better to give children their separate space in the kitchen with zero unsafe equipment. It would encourage them to work with you and be part of daily kitchen activities. They should have access to their children-friendly utensils and storage space where they keep things organized. Kids should learn about the different ways of using pots, pans, and bowls.

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Giving them a separate washing basin will also instill the habit of washing their dishes themselves. If your kids are beginning to learn cooking, buy them utensils for beginners

and do not hand over professional ones. 

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Clean As You Go

It is the most important thing to consider while expecting young ones to join you in the kitchen. The mess that you made while cooking should be cleaned right away. If you spilled milk or oil on the floor, stop everything you are doing and clean it first. If not done on time, it might be the reason for you and your child to slip and get hurt.

It is not only a safety tip but also improves your efficiency. While the meal is being prepared, spend time cleaning kitchen appliances. It will save a lot of time, and you can enjoy food patiently when it is done. You also need to ensure the safety of employees and customers, and by hiring an industrial cleaning in Auckland, you can make sure that they will work on the proper cleaning with an eco-friendly solution.

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Appropriate Sitting And Standing Spots 

Kids are always trying to reach the top of the kitchen workstation by standing on their toes. The posture is dangerous, and they can injure themselves by tripping over. Moreover, trying to reach the shelf can also cause hot utensils to fell and hurt young ones. 

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Parents should have chairs customized for their children’s height. Having safe stools for kids to stand on is also a good option. It will ensure that they can easily see the shelf and do not try to touch anything hot. 

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Bolt The Drawers

No parent wants their kids to open drawers and find something harmful in it. Glassware, electric appliances, and spices should be carefully bolted to protect young ones from reaching them and getting hurt. 

It will ensure that whenever the kids need anything from those cabinets, they will come to you for permission and ask to open them. 

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Childproofing Sockets

The kitchen is where many electric appliances are used, so obviously, it has electric sockets. These sockets are dangerous for children to use. An excellent solution to this is the use of removable socket covers. The importance of baby proofing outlets is life saving. These childproof covers are difficult for kids to remove, preventing them from hurting themselves and getting an electric shock from sockets. 

Again, kids will need help from parents, ensuring that they are not unsupervised while using electrical appliances. 

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Make Your Children Aware Of Household Poisons

Children are always curious about things from which they are stopped. The parent’s responsibility is to eliminate their curiosity by telling them the details they should be aware of, for example, about poisons easily found in the kitchens.

We have a lot of products in our kitchens that are dangerous if inhaled or taken in. Cleaning agents like bleach, detergents, and washing soaps are toxic household poison for health, especially for children. Kitchen cabinets are always full of such items and pose a significant threat to the safety of kids. 

Parents need to make sure that all such toxic products are away from a child’s grasp. 

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Bottom Line


Banning children from everything they want to do is not fair. Instead, they should be taught about safety tips. Being a parent, you must ensure your kids are in no harm anywhere. Especially in the kitchen, significant threats are posing for kids, which should be minimized before they hurt anyone. From keeping the knives away and boolting the drawers to childproofing sockets, all these measures are necessary for a safe work environment. Only when these are fully understood and implemented should young ones be allowed to come into the kitchen.

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