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Becoming a good party host isn’t easy. It involves so much planning and work. Here are some things that a host should consider before organizing a party.

6 Ways To Become A Good Host

Invite Clearly – The invitation should include all the necessary information for your guests. For example, the time, date, occasion, place, host/s, and how to respond “yes” or “no.” If there is any additional information such as what to wear and what to bring, add it to the invitation.

Plan Well – Be cautious when preparing the guest list. Inviting a great group of people will help make your party a huge success – whether it rains on the picnic or the food is a flop. Get everything ready before the guests arrive such as your meals prepped, the party space tidy, the table set, props purchased from Premier Glow and refreshments ready. That way you will feel relaxed from the very beginning.

Be Welcoming And Attentive – Great your guests warmly, and make them feel welcome throughout the party. You should look after each guest as much as you can. If there is a person standing alone or a guest has an empty glass, take action to remedy the situation immediately.

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Be Flexible And Gracious – If a friend arrives with an unexpected guest or your souffle falls, you should be flexible and gracious at all times.

Have A Fallback – Sure, it’s discourteous for someone to spring a surprise on you by accompanying an uninvited guest. But no polite host will send the uninvited guest packing. Be gracious and have a fallback plan to accommodate such guests.

Be Appreciative – Thank your guests for coming as you bid them goodbye. Also, you should not forget to thank every guest who brought you a gift.

6 Ways To Be A Good Guest

Good guests are really welcome additions to any event. Here are six ways to be a good guest:

Inform Your Host Whether You Are Attending The Event – Never delay your reply. It could hinder the host’s planning. Even when no RSVP is requested, it is important to thank the host for the party invitation and let him/her know whether you are attending the party or not.

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Be On Time – Punctuality may mean different things to people in different parts of the world. In general, a guest should arrive at (or within fifteen minutes of) the time stated on the invitation. Don’t arrive early, and if you are getting very late, call the host and inform him/her so that he/she won’t be worried.

Be A Willing Participant – When the host invites you for dinner, make sure that you go straight to the table. In case you are invited to participate in a party game, accept the invitation graciously and participate in the event no matter how you feel.

Offer To Help When You Can – If you visit the host in the kitchen when he/she is preparing dinner, offer to help them. In fact, you should be very specific when you offer help. For example, you may offer to help prepare the salad or fill the water glasses. Even if the host refuses your offer, your gesture would be appreciated. When the party has ended, you can offer to help with cleaning up the place.

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Do Not Overindulge – Attacking the finger foods like you haven’t eaten for a week will attract only the wrong kind of attention. Moderation is important when participating in an event.

Thank The Host Twice – Make sure you thank your host for inviting you to the party when you say your goodbyes. A second thank you over the phone the day after the party is a gracious gesture. If the party was given in your honor, written thanks is a good gesture. In fact, a written note will be really appreciated even after a casual party.

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