Preparing the Best Fried Walleye

Each Fall, before the weather gets too cold we go camping in Minnesota. The campsite that we stay in is popular with anglers and the most common fish that they catch is the walleye. This means that there is always an abundance of walleye when we are staying there so I am always on the lookout for simple Walleye recipes.

Inspired by deep fried walleye on a stick which we once ate at Minnesota State Fair, I went looking online for a deep fried walleye recipe and I found a great one on the recipe site. One of the things which attracted me to the recipe is that it uses saltine cracker crumbs to achieve a super crispy crumb – a must with deep fried fish in my opinion!

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I followed the recipe exactly to make the best deep fried walleye I’ve ever tasted! I started by removing all the skin and bones from the fish and cut them into chunks. Take three bowls and place flour in one, beaten egg in another and cracker crumbs in the third one. You can use these to flour and crumb the fish before deep frying in hot oil.

This fried fish turned out amazing – it had a crunchy crumb thanks to the innovative use of saltine crackers and the fish inside was flaky and delicious. made it so simple with their step by step photo instructions. I often stay away from recipes which require deep frying because cooking with hot oil is often messy and can be dangerous. However, gave me the confidence to try it thanks to their straightforward approach. I served the fish with salad and french fries and it went down a treat!

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This Best Fried Walleye is loved by everybody who tries it. If you get the chance to travel to the lakes of Canada, you will most likely find yourself fishing this game fish! When you take it home, make this recipe and send us your pictures!



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