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Scoops Cafe Set To Offer “Deluxe” Shawarma Amid Rising Costs in Nigeria

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Amidst soaring food costs in Nigeria, the popular Scoops Cafe chain is getting creative to meet the demands of diverse customer tastes and budgets. The rapidly expanding quick-service restaurant is rolling out an ultra-premium “Scoops Deluxe” shawarma offering at its new Makurdi location, elevating the standard shawarma experience with larger portions, higher-quality ingredients, and bold new flavor innovations.

Since opening its first outlet in Abuja over two years ago, Scoops has quickly gained a loyal following with its affordable pricing, convenient online ordering, and flavorful menu staples. But as economic volatility drives up expenses for core items like cooking oil, rice, and proteins, the brand recognized an opportunity to supplement its value-focused classic menu with an indulgent premium tier for guests craving an elevated experience.

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“Skyrocketing inflation has really strained our ability to maintain existing pricing while still turning a decent profit,” admits Scoops Makurdi manager Rita Okoli. “The Deluxe program allows us to experiment with more premium ingredients and portion sizes for customers willing to pay a bit more, without compromising the affordability and taste our everyday diners expect.”

The inaugural Scoops Deluxe offering takes the humble shawarma to new heights with an ultra-generous portion of premium halal chicken shawarma, packed with bold seasoning and tender texture. It’s wrapped in a toasted flatbread along with fresh veggies, creamy garlic sauce, and a sprinkle of crispy fried vermicelli noodles adding an audible crunch. Deluxe shawarma platters also come loaded with flavorful Lebanese rice and signature sides.

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While final recipes and pricing are still in the pilot phase, Okoli says the Deluxe program will continue evolving based on customer feedback. Future premium menu innovations could include tantalizing new proteins like tender beef shawarma, scratch-made signature sauces, locally-sourced seasonal ingredients, and unique fusion flavor combinations.

The goal is to give customers greater choice and variety whether they’re craving an affordable quick meal or an upscale, indulgent dining experience. “We want to be the go-to spot for shawarma lovers of all backgrounds and budgets,” Okoli explains. “From students grabbing a classic shawarma wrap on-the-go to neighbors looking to treat themselves on weekends.”

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As Scoops rapidly expands across Nigeria with stated goals of over 200 locations by 2030, the Deluxe platform represents an ambitious new frontier to delight guests through exceptional service, convenient online ordering, customizable options, high quality at various pricing tiers, and of course, downright crave-worthy flavor.

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