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Carvel Menu Prices, History & Review

Carvel Menu Prices

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Carvel specializes in each and every kind of ice-cream you would ever envision. They are especially well known for their very own image delicate serve ice-cream, uncommonly made ice-cream cakes and their scope of curiosity solidified treats all on the Carvel Menu Prices.

Carvel have dependably been and keep on being focused on the nature of their items. They make and offer a completely stupendous scope of flavors, something to fulfill everybody. By committing their organization to delivering predominant quality items and a fun, family arranged environment, this chain set themselves apart from different contenders.

Carvel Menu Prices
Carvel Menu Prices

Carvel Menu Prices


Sundae Dashers

Popular Choices: Bananas Foster, Fudge Brownie, Mint Chocolate Chip, Oreo, Reese’s Peanut Butter or Strawberry Shortcake
Sundae Dashers® Small $4.99
Sundae Dashers® Medium $5.79
Sundae Dashers® Large $6.59


Mixes: M&M’s, Cookie Dough, Oreo, Reese’s & Chocolate Crunchies
Carvelanche® Small $4.99
Carvelanche® Medium $5.79
Carvelanche® Large $6.99
Extra Topping $0.59

Classic Sundaes

Sundae Small $4.49
Sundae Medium $4.94
Sundae Large $5.39
Banana Barge $5.99
Extra Topping $0.59

Thick Shakes

Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Black & White, Oreo or Coffee
Shake Small $3.79
Shake Medium $4.49
Shake Large $4.99

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Cone or Cup Kids $1.99
Cone or Cup Junior $2.77
Cone or Cup Small $3.48
Cone or Cup Medium $3.87
Cone or Cup Large $4.39


Square Small $12.99
Square Medium $22.99
Sheet Small $29.99
Sheet Medium $36.99
Sheet Large $52.99
Round 8″ $19.99
Round 10″ $26.99


Flying Saucers 6 Pack $7.99
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History of Carvel

Tom Carvel started this endeavor with one advance truck in 1929, a somewhat unobtrusive begin. He begun by selling an assortment of hard serve items and solidified custard. In 1934, on one of his numerous excursions, his truck stalled out and about side and he figured out how to sell his whole stock through the span of two days. It was after this episode that he was roused to change over his business from a truck to a fixed area.

In 1937, the primary authority area was opened in Hartsdale, New York. The ice-cream and solidified custard were amazingly well known and all through the 1940’s Tom kept on venturing to every part of the US selling his solidified treats from his truck, while his significant other Agnes stayed as the board of their fixed area. It was in 1947 that he started selling his by and by planned cooler the ‘Custard King’ to different organizations.

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After examining the condition of these different organizations that were utilizing his cooler plan, he found they were not directing their organizations with a similar uprightness that he’d expected. It was from this experience, in 1949, diversifying of the chain started, guaranteeing a similar exclusive expectations at each branch. Tom Carvel was in every case very engaged with all parts of the organization, even to the degree of chronicle most of the organization’s radio plugs all through the 1950’s.

In 1989, following 60 years in charge, Carvel sold the brand to Investicorp who keep on extending while at the same time staying consistent with Tom’s unique dream. From their modest beginnings as a sole ice-cream truck meandering the US they currently have more than 500 areas in 49 states.

Carvel Review

Carvel’s items are by all account not the only thing that is set to enchant you. Their restaurants are intended for ideal solace in charming, pastel hues. They are additionally notable for magnificent client service with the charming, grinning staff welcoming you when you stroll through the entryway.

Carvel Menu Prices is very extensive: delicate serve and hand plunged, sundaes, shakes, bars, sandwiches just as curiosities and treats, all in a stunning scope of flavors. Their flavors include: banana fudge, dark raspberry, chocolate, espresso, maple walnut, peach marshmallow, the rundown continues endlessly. They likewise offer their extraordinary scope of Carvelanches, these are blends of Carvel ice-cream and diverse fixings: M&M’s, Reese’s and Oreo’s.

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In case you’re searching for something for an extraordinary event, pick one of their incredible scope of ice-cream cakes, the chain are craftsmen in such manner. The most famous menu thing is the Reese’s Sundae Dasher, a delectable mix. On the off chance that despite everything you have space after this, attempt one of the Chipsters ice cream sandwiches, a blend of ice-cream, treats and chocolate chips, what’s not to adore.

The brand is likewise especially moderate. An ordinary delicate serve costs from $2 to $5, while a Carvelance will cost around $5, their cakes begin at as low as $12. To add to this moderateness, the chain likewise offers visit limited time bargains, guaranteeing their client is continually getting the best an incentive for cash. By making an inviting domain and a reliably prevalent item, Carvel have stayed at the bleeding edge of the ice-cream industry for more than 60 years and will keep on doing as such for a considerable length of time to come.

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