5 Tips to Find the Best Small Outdoor Grill

Small Outdoor Grill

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Grilled food is a very common preference for a lot of families during holiday season. Making them right in your backyard is almost considered to be part of a bonding process for a lot of families as well. So, to make this experience as good as you can, getting the right outdoor grill is very important.

Here are a few simple but very effective tips that will give you the information necessary for you to purchase a grill that fits well for your cooking style. These are fairly straightforward things but are still very important to keep in mind before buying a grill.

1. Choose which type of grill you want

For outdoor grills, you are basically down to choosing between either a charcoal grill or a gas grill. A charcoal grill uses charcoal as fuel and produces a unique smoky flavor to your food. Since this type of grill is also mechanically a lot simpler, it costs a lot less upfront.

Gas grills are far more expensive but they also have the advantage of producing a lot more heat and cooking faster. You will lose some of that smoky flavor but if you’re not really into that, it shouldn’t be that big of a consideration. There are also a lot of high-tech options for gas grills nowadays, including these infrared grills by TEC, which promise fewer flare-ups and less charring.

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Gas fuel is also cheaper so you will be saving some money in the long run depending on how often you plan on using the grill. It’s just a matter of getting which offers the kind of features you want.

2. Measure the cooking space offered

If you’re going for a small outdoor grill then you want to get one with the most cooking space offered in a compact package.

Some grills do a much better job at efficiently utilizing the space they have and provide a lot of cooking space in a much smaller form factor than what you usually see.

So, it is a good idea to look around a few models that do not waste any space for features you don’t need and put that towards offering a larger cooking space in a form factor that can fit in the designated area of your backyard.

3. Make sure to get one with a thermostat

Unless you’re a seasoned expert, it is very important that you’re able to visually keep track of the temperature of your food at all times so that you don’t overcook or undercook it. This can be done if the grill has a thermostat built in.

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Most modern grills have a thermostat but not all of them are very accurate. It would be worth it to spend some extra money if you know you will be getting a better thermostat as it will greatly help you regulate the quality of your food.

4. Stainless steel burners are preferred

The quality of the burners is a very important factor as it largely determines the longevity of the grill. You want the burner to be both durable and conductive so that it lasts longer while also doing its job effectively.

Stainless steel is the preferred option in most cases but brass burners also do a good enough job and shouldn’t make much of a difference for a smaller grill.

Small Outdoor Grill
Small Outdoor Grill

5. Get a grill with enough power

Depending on what you plan on cooking, you might need a lot of heat to be produced and sustained for long periods of time.

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So, getting a grill that is capable of both is very important. Smaller grills especially do not focus on power so; you should always look to get one that is good enough for the kind of food you plan on cooking.

A grill capable of producing 12,000BTU of heat is a very good option as far as smaller sized grills go. It is enough heat to cook most kinds of food and the grill does not need to be too big to sustain that level of heat well. If you feel like more powerful compact grills are too expensive for you, this would be a nice point to stay at.


Grills are totally capable of operating in a limited space just as effectively as long as they are built right. These tips should point you towards small outdoor grills like the gmg peak that work just as well as their regular sized counterparts.

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