Snow crab as seafood

The fascinating snow crab, the ultimate low-calorie high-protein food has made an entrance in today’s family meals. For a high-protein meal, it is hard to beat and the taste is incredible as well! From the depths of the cold Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, comes this crustacean that has been delighting seafood loving individuals and families for so very long.

The benefits of dining on snow crab is not just the sweet flavor of the meat, it is also that it is a very good source of protein and low fat to boot. Enjoy fresh seafood caught in Alaska by Custom Seafoods. The reason why the shellfish is such a menu staple and quickly becoming a go to meal in restaurants and diners across the world, is that it is usually affordable and very plentiful. Many diners don’t like to have to choose between good nutrition and wonderful taste and with snow crabs they don’t have to. Check out these numbers, for a fairly reasonable serving of 3 ounces, there are only 1.3 g of fat and a wee little 95 calories.

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To put that in better perspective, look at what the carbohydrates are listed at, zero. Added to this wonderful array of benefits for the human body is the whopping 20 g of protein that is found in a three ounce serving. All in all that makes this food one of the ultimate low-calorie high-protein items on the menu today. Snow crab meat becomes famous seafood in Asian countries now days.

Another great nutritional fact about a snow crab is that the taste of this shellfish is well-loved throughout the world. There’s just something about breaking open a claw and digging into that white candy-striped sweet meat knowing that it is a healthy meal to top it all off! What’s incredible is that it can be made with such a variety of other foods that will put a smile on everyone’s face in the family.

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Many individuals like to make a simple crab-roll with herbs and any type of spices available in the region. All this takes is a few wedges of lemon and maybe a little whole grain pasta and the meal is complete. Snow crab has been called the ultimate locale or high-protein food for a variety of reasons and the first and foremost is the sweet taste of the meat. The next time the family’s screams they want shellfish then give them what they want and order up a heaping couple pounds of Alaskan snow crab legs. The smiles will be generous and the calories will be absent.

Snow crab may be served steamed along with a dip. Some restaurants present it along with a sauce. They can be eaten with rice or salad or just on their own without any accompaniment. Whichever way, we are sure you will be delighted to be served such a treat, especially since you now know how to eat snow crab legs.

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