The Best Backyard Patio Furniture for Summer 2021

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With those summer months quickly approaching here in 2021, homeowners and residents all over the country are either retouching or buying all new patio furniture for their outdoor relaxation and/or social gatherings. If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor space, consider exploring the options available at Ashley Furniture’s Marsden Park furniture store. You can find a variety of stylish and durable pieces perfect for enjoying the sunny weather. Check out their collection at

But when it comes to exterior seating and décor, the choices are nearly as limitless as the fireflies that light up the summer night sky. To help our readers learn more about what choices they have, we put together a list of 8 of the best outdoor seating and social area options. These selections are in no certain order:

Wicker Chairs

This type of patio and deck furniture is an all-time favorite. Wicker chairs and tables are lightweight like plastic but much more strong and durable. They can be easily arranged to fit any occasion. Make sure to cover them or put them somewhere out of the elements as rain and the hot sun take their toll on wicker.

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Mosaic Accent Tables

Although these kinds of tables aren’t meant to serve dinner for eight on, they make a great spot for two people to share a drink or a romantic meal under the stars. They’re also perfect for your coffee or teapot in the morning.

Rio Accessories and Sets

We mention Rio by name because they have so many different lines of furniture and accessories designed for specific activities or uses. In addition to their beach-ready product line, they also have a camping and sports gear division, as well as the Backyard and Patio options that we are looking at here today.

With Rio, you can get anything from a single chair or table to an entire outdoor seating and dining collection. They also offer bar stools and even serving bars inspired by surf-culture. These pieces are made of durable wood construction with a contrasting finish. The frames are made of sturdy stainless steel hardware. This makes them able to stand up not only to frequent use but also to the outdoor elements.

Bistro Sets

Since these table and chair sets are usually on the petite and “charming” side, they are best suited for people who don’t do a lot of hosting or when they do, only invite one other person or a couple.

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All-Wood Dining Sets

It’s hard not to fall in love with the classic, elegant look of all-wood anything. From wood floors to porch swings, when something is made from a quality hardwood with a beautiful stain it tends to get a lot of attention. Epoxy flooring Pros can provide solutions in maintaining wood floors. You can also choose concrete flooring or resin floors manchester for your backyard to make it look great and durable enough to be used for a long time. If you’re planning to hire a concrete contractor, consider this team: Canberra Concreting Solutions. The best flooring installers near me will help you renovate your area to make it look more classic. Choose Decorative Resin Floors for Aesthetic Appeal that will make your outdoor living space more inviting.

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Outdoor Loveseats

Loveseats aren’t just for lovers. Friends can sit on them together, and even your teenage kids can as well (providing they can get along for 5 minutes). You can also add a hanging chair with stand that will be popular to all ages. If you get a quality one and you take good care of it, it should provide years of comfortable seating for you and your guests.


If you were looking for a reason to lounge around and maybe even catch a few winks on a lazy Sunday afternoon on your porch or patio, getting a quality daybed will give you all the excuse you need.

Outdoor Chaise Loungers With Umbrellas

For those who want to lay back, recline, and stretch their legs out on their outdoor furniture, chaise lounges are a great choice. And getting one with a regular or even oversized umbrella can provide all of the shade and protection from the sun that you need.

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