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The West Coast is a haven for so many things. This is where people go to enjoy a pleasant climate, fresh air, wide open spaces and the endless chance at a new start. It’s also home to some incredible fast good chains. If you are a resident of this area, chances are you’re have the joy and delight of eating at one of these fine places. Here are the top fast food restaurants on the West Coast. Try them at your leisure. If you’re traveling, stop off here and consider asking them to expand to your own home state.


One of the most iconic of fast food places, it’s a must stop for just about everyone. You might find long lines but you’ll also be delighted. They use queue poles to keep the lines organized. For more info–queue pole, click here. It’s all worth it when you sample that first taste of these well prepared burgers. You can opt for a hamburger, cheeseburger or double cheeseburger. Do what the insiders do and for the option known as animal style. Animal style means the burgers and fries come with each and every topping offered. It also means they add a secret sauce. It’s all about the flavor and enjoying a well prepared burger and fries. Bring a friend as you sit down and admire the way the place works. They can grab a table for you as you get in line. It may take awhile for the final product to arrive but you’re going to be pleased when it gets to your plate.

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Burgerville is another choice for the person in search of a well made burger. They take full advantage of locally available fabulous ingredients in Washington and Oregon Coast restaurants. Tillamook cheese is on the menu and bursting with flavor. They get their onions directly from Walla, Walla Washington and it shows. They turn into stunning onion rings that you’ll relish. Other items on the menu make this one to savor when you’re in the area and looking for something out of the ordinary. They have a fish sandwich made from Alaskan halibut and fried asparagus from local farms. This is an ideal fast food option if you have a lot of friends along for the ride. It’s also one place you’ll want to try at varied times of the year. The menu is about fast food but it’s also about making the use of the ingredients they have on hand right now and using them really well.


If you’re really hungry, this is the place to be along the West Coast. Thick burgers are available to satisfy any appetite. You can pick from varied toppings to up the yummy factor. Choose bacon, fried eggs, onion rings or all three on one burger. Other toppings include tomatoes and shredded lettuce along with raw onions and varied condiments. If you’re not in the mood for a burger you can opt for a hot dog or a few kinds of wings. These are the ingredients that continue to make this chain such an ideal option for any meal. Take a napkin. That will catch the sauces in case they drip on your lap as you eat.

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Laughing Planet

For a fast meal that’s still quite healthy, Laughing Planet is the option of choice for many in Washington and Oregon. Burritos start with beans and brown rice. You can pair with lots of different toppings including grilled chicken and tempeh. They also offer bowls that change as the seasons do. One time it might be tofu with crispy fried sprouts while the next you’ll enjoy yams with pulled pork and a homemade, in-house barbecue sauce based on the flavors from Korea. It’s all there for you even you’re on the go and need it fast. It also has the advantage of being a place that caters to children. They have lots of toy dinosaurs on hand. Bring your little ones to teach them about healthy eating and good food.

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles began way back in 1975 when Harlem resident Herb Hudson decided it was time to head west. Today, it’s a favorite of Los Angelenos and tourists alike. The waffles are made here and noteworthy for their fluffy goodness. They get topped with pan fried chicken made the universe intended in a cast iron skillet. It sounds good and it is. If you’re not in the mood for chicken and waffles, there’s a vast array of varied southern standards to tempt. Corn bread is made with hot water and served fresh each day. Marconi and cheese is standard here along with collard greens and lusciously flavored red beans and rice. You can have a feast based on the sides alone and leave happy.

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Zankou Chicken

Middle Eastern food is on the menu at this Greater Los Angeles chain. It’s all about well marinated meats that are bursting with flavors. The chicken is a particularly beloved special that is well tended before it gets to your plate. Sample it with their homemade garlic sauce. It has notes of garlic, olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Eat it at the restaurant or take it out with you for a family feast. Bring a whole chicken home for the family. It comes with two sides. Popular favorites are well spiced hummus and basmati rice with a buttery undertone.

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