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Dates, which are also known as Phoenix dactylifera, happen to belong to the group of Sweetest fruits, originally from Iraq. They are fruits obtained from the date palm tree and are a staple food for the Middle Eastern Countries for a very long time now, available in fresh and dried variants. You can buy dates online at any given time of the year, start consuming them today for better health in the long run!

Types Of Date Fruit

Date fruits are varied in sizes and colors and that also defines the taste, they efficiently contain several nutrients and have proven enough to help control cholesterol levels, boost cognitive performance, advance bone health and also support pregnancy health. Below are the types of dates:

  1. Medjool – This Type of date fruit has its origins in Morocco. They are actually large and delicious. They have a toffee-like flavor.
  2. Iteema – These types of date fruit are native to Algeria and are extremely sweet. They are also big and oblong in shape.
  3. Dayri – These types of date fruit are long and lengthy, slim, and also black in color.
  4. Hayani – These Dates are majorly grown in Egypt, they are gentle and red to black in color.
  5. Deglet Noor – These types of date fruit are amongst the best varieties from Tunisia and Algeria but they are semi-dry and not too sweet. They are usually used in cooking.
  6. Migraf – These dates fruits varieties are popular in southern Yemen. They are large in size and golden amber in color.
  7. Barhi – These are also called yellow dates. This variety is native to Iraq. They are gentle and have thicker flesh.
  8. Halawy – These Type of date fruits are incredibly sweet but smaller in size.
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Of all these types of date fruit, Medjool happens to be the most delicious, juicy and nutritious variety. It is also the most commonly found variety of black dates. They are very rich in antioxidants and fiber and are abundant in potassium as well. We will Highlight some of the Major Health Benefits of dates Below.

Health Benefits Of Dates

  1. May Help Regulate Cholesterol Levels
  2. May Improve Bone Health
  3. May Promote Brain Health
  4. May Prevent Inflammation
  5. May Support Healthy Pregnancy
  6. May Help Treat Constipation
  7. May Promote Skin Health
  8. May Promote Healthy Weight Gain
  9. May Regulate Blood Pressure
  10. May Improve Heart Health
  11. May Prevent Hair Loss
  12. May Enhance Sexual Health
  13. May Treat Diarrhea
  14. May Reduce The Risk of colon Cancer
  15. May Boost Energy Levels
  16. May Help Prevent Night Blindness
  17. May Prevent Intoxication
  18. May Prevent Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy
  19. May Treat Intestinal Disorders
  20. May Aid In Anemia Treatment
  21. May Promote Muscle Development
  22. May Help Reduce Belly Fat
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These are probably all the major benefits of dates, they may also promote health in other ways which may not reflect here.

Storing Dates

When kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator, Fresh dates can be stored for up to 5-6 months. Whereas Dried dates, having a longer shelf life, can be stored in the same manner and condition for up to 1 year. Freezing any dates extends their lifespan when kept in an airtight plastic bag or container.

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