What Makes Barista Coffee So Much Better?

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Americans, and people everywhere, are addicted to java in all of its wonderful forms, dominating peoples’ daily routines to the extent that 30% of young Americans spend more on coffee than they do savings, according to MarketWatch figures. Not only does a cup from the local independent or chain store offer convenience and an easy supply of caffeine, but for many, it offers a higher quality beverage than home-brew to boot. The reason for this is based in hard science.

What a machine offers

Commercial coffee stores differ from most home brew setups due to their equipment. Every aspect of a commercial coffee machine lends itself to better quality coffee, and with automatic machines like the ones from, this means that water is provided for the brew in a finely controlled manner. Water pressure and release is moderated tightly over the pour duration with commercial espresso machines, resulting in consistent brews. Why is this important? As outlined by Gizmodo, pressure is key in making good quality coffee. Pressure around nine bars is perfect for pushing water through coffee grounds and creates the ideal flavor. This is matched with close temperature control, as just a slight fluctuation could throw off the taste.

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Methods of operation

A machine also comes with a very important extra component – a trained barista. Much of what is provided for the home coffee scene is done so for convenience; instant coffee wouldn’t fly in most professional establishments. Using freshly ground beans with a French press or moka pot is another and very valid way to prepare good-tasting coffee, but it remains that freshly made stuff using professional equipment is going to be better tasting. This equipment requires training to use, and the most well-trained baristas even eschew automatic machines in favor of mechanically-powered ones, such as press-pump coffee machines. Baristas also bring with them a wealth of knowledge; such as exactly what temperature of milk is appropriate, something which the UK’s iNews says has caused no end of controversy.

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A choice selection

The amount of choice that home-brewers have on offer is expanding with the likes of coffee subscription services. However, it remains that coffee stores have both the power and reach to produce their own artisan blends of beans and to procure blends from anywhere in the world. Those exotic bags of coffee from far flung countries are available to the stores too, remember. When paired with professional equipment and well-trained baristas who know the ins and outs of coffee, the perfect recipe for creating coffee is made.

In this lies the essence of why store-made coffee is better. From the get-go, being able to relax and enjoy a drink made for you improves your levels of relaxation. When it comes to the coffee itself, cafes and coffee stores are basing their practice in time-honored techniques and science that clearly show how good coffee is made. Simply put, the equipment on show and the deep training at work inside the coffee stores of America come together to create an expert product, and that’s why barista-made coffee is so much better.

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