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France is known for producing a wide-range of wines in the country. The European country has been cultivating Red Wine, Wine Grape, and Grape Varieties in for centuries, but the domestic sales are plummeting yearly. The European country is producing wines like Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Folle Blanche, Muscat Blanc à Petits, etc. You got plenty of varieties that you never heard of and never seen in your lifetime. We are going to look at contributing reasons why France is popular for wines.

The beginning of Wine in France

There is a significant debate happening around the world about “Origin of Wines” and the essential term of it. We are looking at France only, and the country is not the first producer because it was part of Georgia Cuisine that existed in 6000 BC. China had Wine in its cuisine, but it was developed from Rice and another ingredient that has nothing to do with grapes.

Wine made its way to France from other countries like Greece and Rome around 4500 BC because it was in demand among the Royals, Kings, and Queens. However, France’s ancient businesspeople shown interest in the art of winemaking and exported it to European land.

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However, France consumers loved the pounded grape, and the demand increased exponentially with time. Wide-range of alcoholic beverages started to emerge in the market, and low-quality & medium-quality beverages became common factors.

French medical experts started to make good use of Wine in medicines, and that boosted the demand later down the line. The value of grape-based alcohol increased with cure-all medicine began to emerge in the market.

When did Wine production start in France?

Experts have offered evidence that proves that wine production did not start until 400 BC. The country-men took a long time to adapt to the new flavor and start planting vineyards in the South of France. The delicious ambrosia reached Northern France with the help of the Rhone River.

The ancient landholding law came to existence, where landowners & farmers started working together for thriving vineyards. Both parties turned millions of acres into vineyards due to strong landholding law and shared the profits.

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The Abbeys and Monastery came into power, which taught the monks the art of winemaking. Monks practiced for years and mastered the art of winemaking. The monks in France made Wine for generations or thousands of years, so to speak.

The inspiration of Champagne came to existence because of the mastery and trying new techniques to improve the current cuisine. The European country grew tremendously,which enabled them to acquire farming lands and cultivated a variety of grapes. Readers can find ancient blends used in the country to this day.

Wine regions in France

French consumers do not classify the wines as “French” because it is originated from the country. The French citizens consider the type of grape and which region it is originated from, and that’s how the domestic consumers recognize it.

The most popular Wine around the world is “Champagne,” and the producers can use the name if it was cultivated in the Champagne province because it is part of the law. Bordeaux is a popular wine region and is located in southwestern France. Bordeaux province produces Red Wine than White Wine. Meanwhile, Northern France is known for cultivating lower quality wines.

  • Alsace,
  • Bordeaux,
  • Beaujolais,
  • Burgundy,
  • Brittany,
  • Corsica,
  • Champagne,
  • Île-de-France,
  • Jura,
  • Languedoc-Roussillon,
  • Loire,
  • Normandy,
  • Provence,
  • Picardy,
  • Rhône,
  • South West France,
  • Savoy, etc.
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We followed the numerical order, and the law does not rank the region whatsoever. You have to conduct your research to find the ideal wine region because it depends on the farmer cultivation method.The modern government implemented new laws similar to the ancient landholding law. You could purchase a vineyard yourself, if you wanted. There are experts specialized in this kinds of transactions.

Bottom Line

French-wine is well-known around the world, and international consumers have heard “Red Wine” or “Champagne” at least once in their lives. The European country cultivates a widerange of grape varieties, and Southern France has the best vineyards that have been following traditional methods for centuries.

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