Why is the Acai Bowl the Perfect Summer Treat?

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Acai. Have you heard of it? Does anybody know how to actually pronounce it? Anyways, in short, it’s this new super berry that tastes great and provides a ton of health benefits. 

Acai (aa-saa-ee) or (aa-saa-eeeeeeeee) as I like to say it is perfect for smoothies and fruit bowls. It has this absolutely beautiful purple color that dominates the smoothie blend. 

Why is Acai so popular now? 

The acai berry originated in South America and has been known for centuries, so why is the Acai Berry so popular now? Well, the world has fallen in love with the idea of superfoods, foods that taste great and provide tons of health benefits and the acai berry is one of the most relatable superfoods. 

This simple little berry has health benefits such as antioxidants, fiber, calcium, and health heart fats. Almost all parts of the body on most people can benefit one way or the other with the consumption of the acai berry. 

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Now, acai shops use the elegant purple berry to create colorful fruit bowls. The fruit bowls will contain an acai blend and be topped with fruits such as kiwis, bananas, strawberries, and more! The end result is an absolute stunning bowl of fruit. 

Where can you get Acai bowls?

Obviously the answer is at Acai shops, but the more affordable option is to make your own. You first have to decide if you want a smoothie with everything blended together or if you want to create a beautiful bowl with an array of fruits and toppings.

Lets say you prefer the bowl option of the acai bowl. Those can go for $15 or even more in acai shops, so it would also be wise to at least consider at home more affordable alternatives. Costco sells a Tattooed Chef branded acai bowl that can be heated and enjoyed in under 2 minutes. 

The bowl is a little small and more of a snack size, but the acai berry is good. The bowl also includes strawberries, blueberries, and a small pack of coconut granola. It is a little small, but rest assured, the bowl was delicious. Check out more of the acai bowl – costco food database.

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If you want a smoothie, you can simply buy Acai berry smoothie powder from any retailer. I have seen this in person at walmart, krogers, and winco. You can simply take some of the powder and pour into a blender. 

For a little more of a fresher taste, you can use frozen bags of acai berries to make the smoothie. Throw a handful into a blender and combine with your favorite fruits and vegetables. The end result is a more brownish purple color smoothie, but the flavors will be there and it will taste amazing. 

Acai Shops

Some people aren’t going to be interested in making home versions of acai and are more concerned with getting the best of the best or the real deal. The real deal acai bowls cost a minimum of $11 and just might actually be worth it

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They are bursting with colors, freshness, flavor, and you are left feeling great. The meal isn’t heavy and is so refreshing and rejuvenating. Sometimes that can only be achieved with a $20 acai bowl with all the bells and whistles. Its a great way to stay light during the day or an amazing way to wake me up for breakfast. It may be expensive and out of the budget for anything more than a once in a while treat, but there is something that is truly magical about the acai berry bowl that always keeps me coming back for me. 


Whether you want the at home version which is a little more affordable or a truly mind blowing $25 experience at a shop, get the acai berry today. It’s so freakin’ good and it’s so healthy for you.

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