5 Ways to Get Rid of Chronic Inflammation

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Many people are striving for months and years to keep themselves healthy, but one thing is very crucial that needs special attention than anything else and that is “Inflammation”.
Now the reason why inflammation is so critical is that in a recent study many medical experts acknowledged that inflammation plays a vital role in every chronic disease, this affects “7 out of 10 deaths among Americans each year”.

Inflammation plays role in several other diseases
⦁ Autoimmune diseases
⦁ Cancer
⦁ Heart disease
⦁ Diabetes
⦁ Osteoarthritis
⦁ Hypertension/depression

Before going deeper into it, people should understand what is chronic inflammation?

What is inflammation?

Most people think inflammation is an external sign of swelling, bruising, and so on, but in truth, it’s far beyond external swelling.
According to a doctor “Inflammation occurs naturally in a body, but when it goes wrong or goes on too long, it can trigger disease processes”.

Medical Experts categorize it into two types:

Acute inflammation: it’s a natural response of the body and the immune system to tissue damage like in a physical injury.

For example, if anybody falls from a bicycle the cut swells, reddens, and feels inflamed at that moment body’s immune system sends white cells to the area of the injury to repair the tissue.

Chronic inflammation: In this type of inflammation the immune system gets confused, as a result, white blood cells follow the area of the injury but instead of repairing it, it unintentionally makes the injury worsen by blowing it out.

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At a very basic level chronic inflammation is the advanced serious level of inflammation that can lead anyone to other dreadful diseases.

What are the top 4 symptoms of chronic inflammation?

Skin rashes: Just like psoriasis and eczema are the inflammatory conditions that are broken down as rough, red, and flaky skin, Is due to hypersensitivity of the immune system which when activated triggers the skin rashes to the surface.

Low energy: Even after getting adequate sleep in night people suffering from it still feel fatigued and energy-less, in this situation the immune system of the body increases the requirement of the cellular energy and depletes the fuel of a body to feel fully energized.

Poor digestion: Common issues like constipation, bloated digestive system, and abdominal pains may be an issue related to inflammation, in this situation the immune system leaks out bacteria or toxins through intestinal walls which fuel the ongoing systematic inflammation.

⦁ Body pains: Common issues like muscle aches and joint pains are caused by systematic inflammation, in this situation the immune system if gets confused can worsen the pain and aches in the shape of redness and swelling.

Now some people might be checking out chronic inflammation symptoms in themselves but then how to get rid of inflammation?
So don’t worry. Below given are the 5 ways to get rid of chronic inflammation.

5 ways to get rid of chronic inflammation

Step 1-Get down with the gut

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If a person is having a bad gut shape, he might be risking some serious problems. Because the majority of the immune system is held in the gut.
One of the greatest ways to start improving gut health is by taking high-quality probiotics on daily basis like yogurt, Sour pickles, or buttermilk they can help in fighting chronic inflammation. Visit to get your at home gut health test.
If anyone is feeling prolonged bloated gut or gastric issues taking digestive enzymes with meals can help in getting more nutrition out of the food.

Step 2- Reduce toxins in food, home personal care products

Absorbing too much of toxic chemicals and pesticides through the digestives system and the skin can set off the alarming system of the body and call in inflammation. Every small step can lead to a big change so before going on a grocery trip next time ensure to purchase more of organic foods, fruits like peaches, strawberries, oranges grapes and etc.
For home, personal care products use green cleaners, filter tap water, and try to avoid air fresheners.

Step 3- Exercise

It’s hard to take time out of busy life, but exercise should also be one of the important priorities because a daily routine of exercise will reduce fats around the body, release bad toxins, improve the health of the body and mind both at the same time. Now it doesn’t mean that the only solution to it is working out in the gym, adults can have a daily walk, practice yoga, or jog around a park keep it simple but consistency is the key to follow. Getting a treadmill from Refurbished Gym Equipment can help you get your steps in.

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Step 4- Try to eat more whole, plant-based food with dense nutrients

Try to cut off on foods that cause inflammation like processed junk, animal products, refined sugar, complex carbs, sweeteners, and too many beverages. People can opt for nutrient foods like tomatoes, nuts, olive oil, turmeric, ginger, leafy greens, green beans and etc. these foods will not only help in fighting chronic inflammation but also boost the immune system, flood the body with vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants.

Step 5- Consult an expert medical practitioner to diagnose chronic inflammation

When talking about doctors, finding an experienced and good medical practitioner is the crucial part, if a doctor has a wide experience in dealing with chronic diseases certainly it will be easier for him to identify issues and get rid of chronic inflammation.


Combining drops of water makes up an ocean, implementing all of these five steps can be confusing and hard to have a grip on, it would be easier if anyone follows any one step of the above-given ways.
Experts recommend taking small and measurable steps to see the changes in the body and then later on adopt all of them to live a healthier life.

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