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When most people think of acting, they either think of movies and television, or stage productions.  The last thing many consider is how many jobs exist for actors out there- and how enriching they can be to parties.  Here are some things you should hire local actors for since they’ll take any experience to the next level!

Commercial Work

If you own a business, you’ll need to advertise.  Instead of having your kids clumsily read through a cue card, instead, have a professional sell your business for you.  They’ll lend your business an authentic and higher class look, while also allowing you to rest assured knowing you won’t look like a mediocre business.  A fantastic thing about hiring actors for commercials is that you can find someone to be anyone you want. If you wish to have someone beautiful driving your company’s rental cars, or you’d like a motherly sweet woman to be your cookie company’s face.  Shop around and find what suits you!

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This party type might not make a lot of sense on the first pass, but think about how much more fun a party could be if you had whimsical people interacting with your guests.  Improv acting groups are a quick way to liven up any party and will make your attendees want to stay even long after the party is over.  They can even put on a show for the birthday person, offering a unique experience that nobody will forget!

Mystery Parties

Mystery parties are making a comeback like never before.  Thanks to the popularity of escape room games, murder mysteries are hot on people’s wanted party lists.  A handful of actors could pull together a party, each acting like a suspicious or helpful person to guide your guests through their night.  You must have somewhat of a script for each performer and seek out people who are good at improvisation so that they can keep your guests on their feet.  You could even seek out a better-known actress like Cherie Johnson to give your party a bit of glamor and intrigue that will have people fighting over invites to your next party.

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Surprise Parties

Pulling off a surprise party can be difficult, especially when it comes to getting the birthday person to the party itself.  Using actors, you can figure out a way to lure them there under the guise of a business trip or some other fun excursion.  If you want to catch them off guard, you could use the actors to pose as anyone needed to get your friend to the party.  Some common ideas are convincing your friend they’ve won a prize and need to get to a specific address or invite them to an interview or special dinner for work.

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How you use these talents is up to you, but it’s good to remember they’re out there!  These local actors can boost any event you could think of, and you’ll be able to enjoy the party knowing that you’re dazzling your guests.

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