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Addicted To Bubble Tea? Know All The Nutritional Values It Comes With!

Recently, bubble tea or Boba tea has been one of the most significant trends in the domain of food all across the world. Originally from Taiwan, this drink has gained immense popularity among the masses for its unique taste, texture, and looks. Although the base of this drink is made out of tea, it is not your regular glass of iced milk tea. The tea base is put into a shaker with milk and tapioca pearls. You can include various add-ons like chunks of fruit, pudding, ice, fruit jellies, etc. The tapioca pearls also add a nice chewy and sweet texture to the drink. This drink is traditionally served cold, with a wide enough straw to let the tapioca pearls slip through. 

Now that you have a bird’s eye view of this trending drink, let us take a look at the various nutritional aspects of bubble tea.

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It Can be a Great Source of Energy

Bubble tea has a high milk content, which undoubtedly is one of the healthiest options for a tea base. The calcium content helps strengthen your bones. Alongside the antioxidants, the drink has many other healthy components that make it a great energy source. The main energy comes from all the carbohydrates present in boba tea. These carbs offer your brain, muscles, and nervous system a blast of energy to fuel you up for the day’s activities.

Lowers Blood Pressure

It is no secret that green tea is full of health benefits and is often advised by doctors to stay fit and healthy. The most common base for bubble tea happens to be green tea as well. It overall decreases your risks of heart diseases like heart failure and stroke. Although it is a sugary drink that tastes pretty incredible, it still offers you an opportunity to gain some serious health benefits. 

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Decreases Risk of Cancer

If there is one word that can raise concern in literally anyone, it is cancer. Bubble tea with a green tea base can be a great source to amp up the antioxidants in your body responsible for preventing or slowing down the damage that unstable oxygen molecules can cause. Researchers have observed that green tea can decrease the risk of acquiring liver, breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer. 

Helps to Release Stress

Everyday life can be really stressful on today’s date. However, it is nothing a little caffeine can’t fix, right? Bubble tea contains the necessary caffeine that helps you get through a stressful day. It provides you with a boost of energy that can help release your stress and help you peacefully carry out all your everyday duties. For more 밀크티 information, click here.

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Final Thoughts


Trending or not, it is important to check out the nutritional aspects as well as the risks before trying new beverages that might become a regular for you. Bubble tea offers some excellent health benefits alongside its lip-smacking flavor. Need caffeine fix in the middle of the day with no boba teashops near you? Pearl Lemon Boba’s Bubble Tea Subscription Box UK is the answer. You can get top-notch bubble tea delivered to your doorstep in the blink of an eye!

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