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Andy’s Frozen Custard Menu Prices, History & Review

Andy’s Frozen Custard Menu Prices

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Andy’s Frozen Custard is a snappy administration solidified sweet chain store situated in Springfield, Missouri. It spends significant time in custard-based treats, which arrive in an assortment of flavors.

This spot is profoundly prescribed for any individual who cherishes desserts and sweet treats. The custard is in every case crisply made and comes in respectable parts at the cost.

Andy’s Frozen Custard Menu Prices
Andy’s Frozen Custard Menu Prices

Andy’s Frozen Custard Menu Prices

Item Size Price
Special Spanish Soups
Beef Tripe Soup mandongo $5.00 – $2.50
Beef Soup sopa de res $5.00 – $2.50
Spanish Soup sancocho $6.00 – $3.00
Cow Feet Soup cocido de pata devaca $5.00 – $3.00
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History of Andy’s Frozen Custard

The organization was established in 1986 via Carol and John Kuntz. The convention started in Osage Beach, Missouri and rapidly spread to neighboring urban communities including Springfield.

There are currently in excess of 45 Andy’s areas crosswise over 8 states: Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, Arkansas, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

Andy’s Frozen Custard Review

The stores keep up a positive and energetic environment. This is an especially extraordinary spot for families in light of the fact that solidified sweet treats are unquestionably speaking to all ages.

Andy’s solidified custards don’t taste fake or handled like some other solidified treat items. You can appreciate a characteristic brilliant taste that dissolves sweetly in the mouth.

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Over the top picks list are the Triple Chocolate Concrete, Straw-Ana Sundae, and Ozark Turtle. Claim to fame flavors incorporate spread pecan, mint chocolate chip, and chocolate chip treat mixture.

The staff in the stores is mindful, cordial, and quick. However, since many individuals run here consistently, you can expect that the lines are frequently long.

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