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Bahama Buck’s Menu Prices, History & Review

Bahama Buck’s Menu Prices

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Bahama Buck’s is the tropical home of shaved ice. They are season centered and the organization motto is “Flavor your life”. With more than 90 unique flavors to look over, excluding any of their forte flavors, they truly do spruce up an amazing kind.

Their areas are planned considering unadulterated unwinding. Each store is an island propelled heaven and their staff are well disposed and effective, they mean to make your visit feel like an escape without going anyplace. This mix of phenomenal flavor, incredible quality shaved ice and affable administration has guaranteed that the brand has established it’s notoriety for being the spot to go for shaved ice.

Bahama Buck’s Menu Prices
Bahama Buck’s Menu Prices

Bahama Buck’s Menu Prices


Buck’s Shaved Ice

Buck’s Shaved Ice Baby (8 oz.) $2.89
Buck’s Shaved Ice Small (12 oz.) $3.19
Buck’s Shaved Ice Regular (16 oz.) $3.49
Buck’s Shaved Ice Large (20 oz.) $3.79
Buck’s Shaved Ice Avalanche! (32 oz.) $6.19
Tropic Creme (Add-On) $0.50
Bahama Rama Mama (Add-On) $1.29

Island Smoothies

Flavors: Bahama Colada, Bahama Daiquiri, Bahamakazi, Wavebender, Strawberry Freezecake, Strawberry Banana Calypso, Oasis, Coconut Kulana, Congo, Peach Flamingo, Bahama Berry Blast, Havana Cabana Banana, Funky Monkey, Orange Cruiser, Kokomoko, or Strawberry Bliss
Island Smoothie Small (16 oz.) $4.19
Island Smoothie Regular (24 oz.) $5.19
Island Smoothie Avalanche! (32 oz.) $6.19
Blue Bell or Vanilla Ice Cream (Add-On) $0.99
Bahama Boost (Add-On) $0.50

Island Specialties

Bahama Soda, Bahama Breeze, Caribbean Cola, or Cherry Sublime Small (20 oz.) $2.59
Bahama Soda, Bahama Breeze, Caribbean Cola, or Cherry Sublime Regular (32 oz.) $2.79
Bahama Soda, Bahama Breeze, Caribbean Cola, or Cherry Sublime Large (44 oz.) $2.99
Soft Drink Small (20 oz.) $1.59
Soft Drink Regular (32 oz.) $1.79
Soft Drink Large (44 oz.) $1.99
Dasani Water $1.19

Lemonades & Limeades

Iced or Frozen
Lemonade, Limeade, Lemon-Limeade, Cherry Limeade, or Strawberry Lemonade Regular (24 oz.) $2.99
Lemonade, Limeade, Lemon-Limeade, Cherry Limeade, or Strawberry Lemonade XL (44 oz.) $4.99


Frozen Island Coffees
Arumba, Blondé Mocha, Cocomel, Island Mocha, Mahalo Mocha, Paradise Royale, Playa del Caramel, or Vanilla Vista Small (16 oz.) $3.99
Arumba, Blondé Mocha, Cocomel, Island Mocha, Mahalo Mocha, Paradise Royale, Playa del Caramel, or Vanilla Vista Regular (24 oz.) $4.99

Paradise Party Pack

Paradise Party Pack (Serves 10) Jr. $24.99
Paradise Party Pack (Serves 25) Regular $49.99


Creamy Frozen Treat
Cherry Sublime, Krazy Koconut, Riptide Razberry, or Watermelon Wave 16 oz. $3.39


Original SnoBalls
Avalanche Pack 24 Pc. $8.99
Super Cooler 60 Pc. $14.99
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History of Bahama Buck’s

Bahama Buck’s is moderately new; the first area was opened in 1990 by Blake Buchanan. Right now, Buchanan was an understudy at Texas Tech University and was initially simply planning to pay his way through college. He began with one ice shaver and a little assistance from his family and companions.

The store was a triumph and Buchanan right away opened the primary establishment in Lubbock, Texas. The rationality behind Bahama Buck’s is straightforward: inviting, fun administration in a tropical, imaginative condition with top quality items. The organization has developed to 31 stores over: Texas, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, with designs for venture into another 61 areas.

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The majority of the stores are diversified, in any case, since they hold fast to the approaches of the diversifying understanding, this has guaranteed that the ‘great vibes’ notoriety and general feel of the considerable number of establishments has stayed consistent with the first store. When you touch base at any of their areas you will feel like you have ventured without anyone else private island retreat.

Buchanan is still exceptionally included with the brand just like his significant other Kipi, his dad Tom and his companion Eric Lee. Each new area is kept running with similar principles and excitement that the first store was. They are reliably refreshing their menu while as yet holding firm with their unique flavors.

Bahama Buck’s Review

All Bahama Buck’s are enhanced with regards to the first store, a tropical subject: brilliantly hued corners, open to seating, surf sheets and street signs decorating the dividers. You can’t resist the urge to unwind into island life when you arrive. The majority of their items are intended to bring flavor once more into your life.

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The brand has practical experience in shaved ice yet they likewise offer: smoothies, organic product glasses, espresso and their very own image forte cola. What’s more is their shaved ice arrives in an assortment of flavor types: unique, slight ice and very harsh. Additionally you likewise have your ‘sno additional items’. Presently with regards to season, you truly are ruined for decision: banana colada, mocha java, blueberry cheesecake, sugar treat, tiger’s blood, Jamaican punch, pink lemon harsh, pina colada and wedding cake are only a couple of the creatively named, superb flavors.

One especially prevalent decision is the tutti frutti, a fabulous combination of flavors. Every one of their items arrives in a scope of sizes: child, little, normal, expansive and torrential slide. The energetic staff energize a family benevolent air and at numerous areas you’ll have the capacity to look over an arrangement of card and tabletop games to play while you unwind and eat.

Another incredible trait about this restaurant is their low costs with a child shaved frosted coming in at $3 while a torrential slide is just about $6. Their smoothies are estimated from $4 to $6. On a hot day, well in actuality any sort of day, head to Bahama Buck’s for administration with a grin, a loosening up air and a major measure of moment refreshment.

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