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Best Pizza Places in Dandenong

OroBianco Pizza Places in Dandenong

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While you love pizza, finding the perfect pizza joint is arduous. With the many pizza places in Dandenong, you never know which shop is the most ambient, has incredible customer service and its Pizza is well topped and shredded with cheese.

Irrespective the distance from your home, once you find a nice pizza joint, you never think of shifting. In our review, we found the best pizza in Dandenong for you.

Available outlets

Whether you want to dine in, take away or order for home delivery, in Dandenong you will always find perfect pizza shops for you. The shop boasts of friendly and helpful staff, so you are always guaranteed of quality service. Apart from the excellence of their service staff, most of these are cool with minimal noise. With their vast parking space, you will rarely miss a parking spot.

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Their menu is also inclusive, with a wide variety of Italian dishes. And with a wide array of pizzas, even Vegans are not excluded. What is even more appealing about their Pizza service, is the range of topping assortments offered depending on price.

Oro Bianco

Oro Bianco restaurant exudes with class and they make the best Italian pizza in Dandenong. Magnificent decorations and courteous staff welcoming you on arrival are first-rate. Their meals, yummy. But what makes Oro Bianco the best pizza in Dandenong, is the Authentic Woodfired Italian Pizza.

Moreover, their pizza comes in different styles, with customers having to choose what they prefer. You can also choose your base, cheese, i.e., mozzarella or bocconcini, meat, herbs, and sauce. And if you a fan of classic pizza, Oro Bianco is still an excellent Pizza joint for you.

The beauty of choosing Oro Bianco for your Pizza needs is you can reserve a table, or order online for home delivery Other places includes Dominos Pizza and Michelangelo’s.

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The Dominos is one of the best pizza in dandelong. And its outlets still stick to traditional pizza making styles. Their pizza is excellent and categorized into sizes to suit you if even when you have the slightest Pizza cravings. Domino classifies its Pizza into ranges, with the Newyork range being the hugest, and the Value range pizza is the smallest. Cheese and toppings depending on the size of your pizza.

Domino prides in having ample experience in pizza making and having an efficient home delivery system.

OroBianco Pizza Places in Dandenong
OroBianco Pizza Places in Dandenong

Taste of Paradise Pizza, Halal Pizza

Whether you are a Muslim or not, you should taste Halal Pizza. Taste of Price is the only place in Dandenong where you can find the Pizza. Halal is renowned for its deliciousness, and its flavor has earned it the name Paradise Pizza.

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While many people throng Halal Pizza, none leave unserviced. When you intend to go to Halal, make sure you pre-order or reserve a table.


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