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Joining college or the university is a new and electrifying experience for every student. However, there is nothing worse than not having an idea or clue on how to prepare meals for yourself when you get there. College and university are one of the best places to start making new friends, explore, and endure various new experiences. If you reside in school, this means you can grow up fast. Leaving home for college does not imply all fun and no responsibilities. There are several duties and responsibilities that you will start taking such as managing your finances, paying bills, as well as preparing your meals. Thus, you need to learn techniques that you can use to get good at cooking. 

There is an eerie stereotype that college and university students live on takeaways, vodka, and noodles. This is not true. Students come from different walks of life and they are often keen to taking good care of their health as well as necessities. Not only do they use gyms but also workout. Some even have jobs. Thus, as a student looking forward to stand on your feet, below are some student life hacks that you can use. You are aware of how difficult it is to eat out or manage on your own. 

Get a quick food cookbook

As a student, there are days that you will spend hours in classes or lectures. The last thing that you may feel you want to do is slave over a hot stove for more than an hour. Additionally, there are some days that you may not feel like cooking. In such situations, food life hacks for students can be a lifesaver. Purchasing the right quick food cookbook that comprises healthy and nutritional meals with all the accessible ingredients to you, you can be preparing some appealing meals in a short span. 

Save time on studying

College life, despite all the freedom and fun that comes with it, can be daunting and overwhelming. Not only do you need to complete your academic writing assignments on time but also study and prepare for exams. All these take a lot of time. Also, you need to consume healthy meals for you to be more productive. Well, when in such a cumbersome situation, you should consider saving time on your studies. Instead of going through several books to learn how to prepare a particular meal, why not consider reading essays about fast food? This will not only help you learn how to prepare fast foods but also get to save time for your studies. 

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Try Healthy Fresh Noodle Bowls

Fresh noodle bowls are nutritious because they’re made with whole ingredients. An instant noodle bowl, like a Pad Thai kit, can be ready-to-eat in minutes. It’s not your typical Styrofoam ramen cup during your college dorm room days. Try fresh noodles in conveniently healthy bowls.

Avocado hack

With the heaps of writing tasks that academic instructors bombard you with as well as the numerous tests you ought to prepare for, you may be in dire need of a ripe and healthy fruit such as an avocado. But, how would you feel after a hectic day that you bought a hard and unripe fruit which you had planned to eat in the morning? Well, you need not worry about anything. One of the student food hacks that you can use is placing the avocado in a brown paper bag for around 24 hours. After, remove it and enjoy your ripe and fresh fruit. 

Buy herbs and spices

After moving to your university dorm, one of the first things that you will have to do is go to the mall. You need to purchase all the food stuffs as well as goods and commodities that you will need. While at it, explore all the herbs and spices and look for the flavors you love. Herbs and spices can enliven or perk up your meals as well as transform the flavorless of foods. 

One of the most efficient food life hacks for students that you can use is purchasing herbs such as Cajun, garlic powder, curry powder, mixed herbs, and paprika. This can spice up tomato sauces as well as creamy ones – it is all up to you. 

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Use Greek Yogurt

Physically active college students looking for a great recovery snack after an intense competition or long workout can use Greek yogurt as a snack and add it in smoothies. The protein content in Greek yogurt is equivalent to one scoop of protein powder. In addition, yogurt offers probiotics or good bacteria and plenty of nutrients.  

Greek yogurt is a healthy food itself and you can use it to cook delicious and nutritious student meals. You can swap Greek yogurt into recipes where one would normally use sour cream. Also, you can use it as an alternative to mayonnaise in deviled eggs and tuna or chicken salad. Mix Greek yogurt with oats and a low-cal ranch dressing. Stir it into your favorite soups, marinate with meat, and blend it into guacamole and hummus.

Change job if you have no time to healthy cooking

The job you do can also affect your health diet. You may be too busy at work that you do not get enough time to consume a healthy meal. Hence, instead of sacrificing your time and education to meet your company goals, consider looking for another job – one that allows you to get enough time to cook nutritious and healthy meals. Do not worry about securing a good job. With the help of executive CV writers, you will land that dream job that gives you enough time to take of your health as well as concentrate on your studies. 

Making soup

Making soup is a food hack for students that you can use to consume healthy meals. All you need to do is place more vegetables in stock and boil it for a while so that it thickens. You can supplement corn flour to make it thicken faster. Potatoes are also great supplements to soups. Some of the vegetables that you can use to make soup include onions, peas, potatoes, cabbage, or carrots. 

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Eat Fresh Fruits And Veggies

Complete your well-balanced diet by eating raw fruits and veggies, such as banana, apple, carrots, and tomatoes. They’re fresh and no cooking required, saving you so much time. Bring whole fruit to school for a snack at lunch time.

Keep the kitchen organized

One of the most efficient and effective techniques you can use to enhance you cooking skills is keeping your kitchen organized. Investing in storage jars as well as Tupperware can save you ample time while cooking, more so when you want to freeze leftovers. 

Label all your jars to save time, and if possible, use transparent jars. Keep your utensils together in a particular location to save more working surface. 

Organize your schedule to have time for eating healthy

As aforementioned, college life comes with heaps of writing tasks as well as several tests and exams to prepare for. Improper time management can hinder you from completing all your assignments and responsibilities on time. Furthermore, it will be difficult for you to eat healthy meals. Thus, you need to organize your schedule. Work on all your tasks early to avoid the last minute rush. If some of them seem to be too difficult, consider getting professional writing help from Edu JunglesIn conclusion, eating healthy in college can be a huge challenge more so if you start this part of your academic career with poor cooking skills. However, that does not imply that there is no room for improvement. With the campus life hacks above, not only can you enjoy fast foods but also learn how to prepare sumptuous meals. So, do not stress yourself by eating out or getting takeaways all the time. Manage your time well and have some time to spare to learn how to prepare all the meals that you would like to try out. You have all the freedom to yourself. Use it in a wise manner.

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