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Buffalo Wild Wings Secret Menu Prices

Buffalo Wild Wings Secret Menu Prices

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Have you heard rumblings about a Buffalo Wild Wings Secret Menu? Below is our Menu Price special-guide to the secret items on BWW’s ‘invisible menu’.

The name Buffalo Wild Wings is not unfamiliar to many spicy food lovers in our country. After all, this restaurant serves some of the best gourmet wings in traditional spicy sauce served with tasty dips and sides.

Apart from their made-to-order bone-in and boneless wings, the restaurant serves some tasty sides, main courses and signature dishes. Next time you find yourself at a B-Dubs, order any of these dishes from the secret menu along with your favorite wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu Prices
Buffalo Wild Wings Secret Menu Prices

Buffalo Wild Wings Secret Menu Prices

Tasty Chicken Quesadillas

Try this made-to-order dish at the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.

Just like the traditional quesadillas, these delicious and meaty quesadillas are served with guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream.

Naked Tenders

Take a break from the traditional crispy tenders and devour the juicy and grilled naked tenders at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Order with the traditional wing sauce, or just eat with the chef’s special dry spice seasonings.

Perfect Popcorn Shrimp

These crispy shrimp poppers will be a perfect accompaniment to a bottle of chilled beer.

Buffalo Wild Wing’s Signature Peppercorn garlicky shrimp tastes great with the bold buffalo wing sauce.

Honey BBQ Chicken Salad

This is not like any other honey barbecue chicken salad.

This cooked-to-order dish combines the mellow flavors of crispy greens and cheese with tangy pico de gallo and grilled chicken, garnished with the restaurant’s honey barbecue sauce.

Crispy Mini Corn Dogs

Enjoy the bold flavors of a mustard-infused spicy sauce with every bite of these crispy mini corn dogs.

These small bites will surely make a perfect appetizer for you and your party.

Garlic Parmesan Wings

These scrumptious wings are served with a creamy and garlicky sauce infused with herbs, cheese and spices.

If traditional hot wings are not suitable for your palate, try these salty and cheese flavored wings next time.

Pretzel Bites

These mini, salty and scrumptious pretzel bites will satisfy your pretzel cravings.

Order these to eat with your appetizers or with your favorite sweet drink for a perfect combination.

Fried Mozzarella with Spicy Dipping Sauce

Crispy outer layers and melted cheese inside, this is what you can expect from a perfect fried mozzarella.

The spicy and tangy dipping sauce compliments the fried cheese really well.

Pulled Pork Slammers

If you love the bold Buffalo Wing sauce, then you will enjoy eating this pulled pork dish slathered with your favorite sauce. The dish comes with a side of French fries.

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