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Can You Freeze Apple Pie? How to Freeze Apple Pie

Freeze Apple Pie

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No uncommon event is finished without an aiding of crusty fruit-filled treat! As a quintessentially American pastry, crusty fruit-filled treat is all around cherished for its scrumptious blend of cinnamon and delicious apples. There’s simply something mystical about this scrumptious blend! Be that as it may, can you freeze crusty fruit-filled treat for some other time?

Surprisingly better, you don’t need to make a crusty fruit-filled treat without any preparation. You can purchase pre-made blends and appreciate crusty fruit-filled treat comfortable. Obviously, in case you’re an idealist, you can bake homemade crusty fruit-filled treat utilizing new ingredients. The formula is entirely essential so you can have a pie prepared inside two or three hours! You can likewise change the formula to play up the flavors and think of your particular adaptation of this well-cherished treat.

However you bake this sweet, storing them is similarly as imperative to keep away from decay; this goes particularly if your crusty fruit-filled treat filling is on the watery side. Truly, you can freeze crusty fruit-filled treat, in any case if it’s baked or unbaked! What’s more, regardless of whether you are freezing baked or unbaked pie, you need to utilize a holder with a tight seal to anticipate microbes development! The following is our straightforward guide on how can you freeze crusty fruit-filled treat:

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Freeze Apple Pie
Freeze Apple Pie

How to Freeze Apple Pie?

Freezing Unbaked Apple Pie

Keeping unbaked crusty fruit-filled treat is an incredible thought since you need to store a decent treat for the children or sudden visitors. Unbaked crusty fruit-filled treat is best kept in the freezer, where it can keep going for as long as 4 months! Before you freeze the crusty fruit-filled treat, spread the whole holder with either cling wrap or aluminum foil, ensuring that the pie is secured totally and firmly. Presently, hurl the pie in the freezer and you’re finished.

Freezing Baked Apple Pie

Got crusty fruit-filled treat leftovers? You can freeze crusty fruit-filled treat and make the most of your preferred pastry without influencing its taste by any stretch of the imagination. For leftovers, simply wrap the pie with tinfoil or cling wrap and keep it in the freezer. At the point when stored appropriately, leftover crusty fruit-filled treat will keep up to 3 to 4 months.

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How to Defrost Frozen Apple Pie?

The extraordinary thing about keeping frozen crusty fruit-filled treat is that you can defrost and bake it straight into the stove. That goes for both baked and unbaked crusty fruit-filled treat! You would prefer not to leave the frozen pie sitting at room temperature for long to defrost on the grounds that the dampness can make the outside layer go spongy. More terrible, giving the pie a chance to sit in room temps may prompt decay so don’t sit around idly.

In case you’re prepared to defrost and bake your frozen, unbaked crusty fruit-filled treat, simply piece a few gaps in the high class and stick it in the stove for 20 minutes max at 450˚ F. At long last, diminish the warmth to 375˚F until the outside layer is pleasant and dark colored.

Then again, in case you’re defrosting a baked pie, simply hurl it in the stove and re-warmth to 350˚ F until warm.

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The freshness of the ingredients matters the most in light of the fact that wounded apples will in general accelerate microbes development, which may prompt a malodorous pie in only hours. In case you’re baking without any preparation, consistently pick fresh, un-wounded and completely ready apples.

While you can generally leave baked crusty fruit-filled treat at room temperature, don’t surpass past three days or the pie will turn mildew covered. Crusty fruit-filled treat left in the refrigerator won’t keep as long as when it is stored in the freezer. When you store your crusty fruit-filled treat in the refrigerator, it will just add 2 to 3 days to the pastry’s shelf life.


Since you realize how to appropriately freeze your crusty fruit-filled treat, you can store the same number of pies as you like in the fridge and get one ready for pastry!

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