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Can You Freeze Hummus? How to Freeze Hummus

Can You Freeze Hummus

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Can you freeze hummus? Numerous individuals who make their very own natively constructed hummus will in general get ready more hummus than they’d most likely devour inside a week or something like that. Or then again they might want to make an immense cluster of it as opposed to making a little one consistently. Other people who purchase hummus once in a while see a lot on it, yet frequently they don’t generally realize in the case of stocking up on hummus bodes well. In case you’re one of those individuals, or in any way, shape or form you’d like to know whether you can freeze hummus, the appropriate response is certifiable. Hummus can be frozen and I’ll portray here how to do it.

Freezing Hummus

There are not many methods for freezing hummus, pick one that is by all accounts the best for you, contingent upon your needs. What’s regular for every one of these strategies is that hummus shouldn’t be frozen for in excess of two or three months (a large portion of a year max) for quality reasons. Obviously hummus won’t turn sour in the freezer after this timeframe, yet its taste will break down and you most likely won’t be happy with it. The vast majority defrost hummus in the freezer. Put it there in the day preceding you need to utilize it and it’ll be defrosted when you need it.

Can You Freeze Hummus
Can You Freeze Hummus

Freezing in the Original Container

Along these lines, clearly, works just for locally acquired hummus. You can just take the first holder while it’s as yet unopened and placed it into the freezer and you’re finished. For whatever length of time that the compartment is unopened, it ought to be fine in the ice chest since it’s fixed well. After you’ve opened it just because, it’s a smart thought to wrap it with foil or place it into a freezer sack before putting into the freezer, particularly on the off chance that you’d like to store it there for an all-inclusive timeframe.

Freezing in Small Portions

On the off chance that you utilize just a limited quantity of hummus at any given moment, it’s smarter to freeze it in littler segments. Along these lines you’ll have the option to defrost just as quite a bit of it as you need at a specific time. You can do that in at any rate two different ways. First of them is by utilizing a preparing sheet – put various scoops of hummus on it, every one huge enough for one serving, and put the heating sheet into the freezer to freeze the scoops. When frozen, move them into an impermeable compartment or a freezer sack, mark it and set back into the freezer. The subsequent method to do that is by freezing hummus in a progression of little compartments. In any case, you end up with little segments of hummus and you can without much of a stretch defrost one, two, or every one of them at once.

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Freezing in an Airtight Container

This one is very simple. Move all your hummus into a lidded plastic compartment (ensure it’s an impenetrable one). Ensure you leave some headspace in the holder since hummus extends a little when frozen. One more thing – numerous individuals recommend that including a tablespoon of olive oil at the highest point of the plunge will help with keeping up surface while freezing and defrosting, so it merits doing also. On the off chance that you intend to freeze it for quite a while, it’s a smart thought to put the holder into a freezer pack to lessen freezer consume.

In the wake of Thawing the Hummus

Now and again hummus isolates, gets watery or loses its smooth surface subsequent to defrosting, that is flawlessly ordinary. Simply give it a decent mix and it’ll (by and large) have returned to ordinary. In the event that that doesn’t enable, you to can include a little olive oil and blend the plunge by and by. That should help.

The thing you have to know is that the consistency of the plunge will presumably be somewhat adjusted, even in the wake of mixing and including some olive oil. That is ordinary. These adjustments in consistency likewise fluctuate contingent upon its producer or extents of fixings used to make the hummus. Along these lines, in case you’re not happy with the surface of hummus in the wake of defrosting, consider attempting another maker or changing the formula a bit.

When hummus is defrosted, you ought to expend it inside 5 to 7 days. Ensure you won’t freeze a similar hummus more than once. In the event that you’ve wound up with a too enormous bit defrosted, think about freezing in little bits next time.

FAQs: Freezing Hummus

Can you freeze Sabra hummus?

Sabra is a New York-based is a sustenance items organization that works in hummus, bean plunges, and guacamole. Sabra prides itself on its affirmed legitimate and veggie lover items. In the event that you adore Sabra’s numerous hummus assortments and you’d like to stock up on your top picks, we are very brave news. The organization does not prescribe freezing their hummus. Since Sabra’s hummus is made with every single common fixing, the time span of usability of this item is very short. Hummus is very temperature delicate and freezing it will change its consistency and flavor. That being stated, a few benefactors have taken a stab at freezing Sabra hummus and got incredible outcomes. In the event that you should freeze the hummus, do as such with sensible desires.

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Can you freeze hand crafted hummus?

Indeed, you can positively freeze hand crafted hummus for future employments. You need to freeze the hummus as quickly as time permits in light of the fact that the fresher the hummus is, the better the outcomes in the wake of defrosting. We prescribe utilizing a freezer-safe compartment for the natively constructed hummus. Simply spoon the hand crafted hummus into the holder. Leave about an inch of room at that point spread the holder with stick wrap before fixing with the hermetically sealed top. Compose the capacity date at that point stick in the freezer.

On the off chance that you need to partition a cluster into serving parcels, you can utilize a biscuit plate. This technique is impeccable on the off chance that you need to isolate the hummus into equivalent bits. Simply brush inner parts of the biscuit molds with olive oil. Spoon the hummus into each area to fill it however don’t pack or you will make a wreck.

Pop the biscuit plate in the freezer at that point let sit until frozen strong for 4 hours or somewhere in the vicinity. Set up an enormous, freezer safe plastic sack before removing the biscuit plate from the freezer. Cautiously lift every hummus parcel at that point place them all in the freezer sack. Seal the pack, compose the capacity date at that point stick in the freezer.

Does hummus freeze well?

While hummus can be frozen, the consistency of the plunge will be modified so the appropriate response relies upon a few components. On the off chance that you are freezing hand crafted hummus, we’d state that the consistency will be adjusted in the wake of defrosting so the plunge doesn’t freeze superior to industrially made hummus.

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Locally acquired hummus contains additives that may either back off or totally stifle the breakdown of the fixings so the hummus freezes better.

For the most part, as long as you approve of the consistency transforms, you can freeze the hummus. The progressions aren’t too radical and for the most part, the taste continues as before. Obviously, we suggest devouring the frozen hummus at the earliest opportunity for ideal flavor.

Can chickpea hummus be frozen?

Indeed, you can freeze chickpea hummus in any case if it’s natively constructed or in the event that it is locally acquired. For whatever length of time that the hummus has been stuffed well for freezing, freezing is an extraordinary method to protect a generally fragile plunge. In any case, don’t anticipate that the chickpea hummus should have a similar consistency as in the past.

When the hummus is defrosted, there is a decent possibility that the plunge will wind up watery or there will be the division between the fluids and the solids. This is typical. Simply give the chickpea hummus a decent mix.

Chickpea hummus is very inclined to drying out and coarseness so you need to top the plunge with olive oil. The oil functions as a defensive hindrance that forestalls dampness misfortune. Be that as it may, don’t utilize excessively, sufficiently use to cover the highest point of the plunge. When you are prepared to defrost, you can generally lift the solidified olive oil off so the plunge won’t be excessively slick.

Can you freeze locally acquired hummus?

Truly, locally acquired hummus will freeze well, if worse, than natively constructed hummus since certain items are enhanced with additives to broaden their time span of usability. On the off chance that the hummus is pressed in a tin can or a jug compartment, you need to move the hummus in a freezer-safe holder.

An impermeable plastic compartment is an incredible decision for pressing extra hummus or locally acquired hummus. We likewise prescribe freezing the locally acquired hummus in littler groups, maybe close to 12 ounces for each compartment. Along these lines, you can defrost the hummus substantially more rapidly.


As should be obvious, hummus can be frozen in a couple of various ways. Pick one relying upon your needs and test it out. In the event that you won’t be happy with the outcomes, check again what you can do subsequent to defrosting hummus to make it somewhat better.

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