Fried Green Tomatoes and Other Foods of the Carolinas

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Planning your next big trip to the Carolinas? Maybe you visited years ago and left a piece of your heart there; now a move to that region is what’s right for you. Or are you at the point where you are narrowing down your list of perfect Jamestown apartments before you make the final decision before moving to a region that can easily be a culinary heaven.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Whether you are a current or future local, or just passing through, nothing says Carolina Classic like fried green tomatoes. For those of us not familiar with the region, it’s very possible it’s a food we simply haven’t heard of. If you’re one of us not in the know on this Carolina treat, is an unripened tomato (particularly so for the tangier flavors) battered and fried into a delicious treat.

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A no doubt southern staple, grits are a versatile addition to any meal no matter what time of day you might be making it for. Grits will round out any breakfast platter, no matter what’s on the rest of the plate. Throw shrimp in the grits and you’ve got yourself the tastiest, most savoray southern staple around.


Another food you could have just about any way you’d like. Eating them on their own makes for a wonderful snack and a delicious way to get the protein you need. And what better way to bring a dessert to the next level than pecans. Whether you like to fry them, serve them sugar-dusted, bake them into an exceptional pecan pie, there are few better things in this world than all you can do with pecans. 

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If you are someone that thinks the discussion of American seafood starts and ends in New England, it’s time to make a trip to the Carolinas and see all they have to offer when it comes to delicious seafood. Think of all the Carolina areas within proximity of the Atlantic and it’s easy to think of all the options available when it comes to fresh seafood. 


When you envision a southern state known for peaches, no one can blame you if Georgia comes to mind, but it’s time for South Carolina to get it’s proper credit. After all, it’s the second largest producer only after California. In the Carolinas it’s easy to find an abundance of peaches, enjoyed on their own or used as a part of more dishes than you can imagine. 

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A million ways to love a biscuit and each delicious in their own way. You can take them as part sandwich with eggs and meat, or smother them in gravy, just to name a few options. Even just with butter, this staple is a welcome addition to any plate.

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