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Do you want to enjoy Shawarma with your friends? Find the top Shawarma Online in Gwarinpa, Abuja via Scoops NG. Find online the top Shawarma options within Gwarinpa, Abuja City, such as the Chicken, Beef, Chicken-Coconut and Goat Shawarma among others. Scoops Cafe offers an amazing range of Shawarma choices that are delivered within 30 minutes or less either at home or at work, when you place an order through The delivery time is fast.

Online Shawarma Delivery in Gwarinpa, Abuja

Instead of waiting in line at most eateries or driving across the country to get there. It is easy to place your order online, and get the most delicious Shawarma at the best price in Gwarinpa, Abuja delivered to your door. Scoops NG’s Scoops NG website has been designed to make the order process quick and easy. Select the Shawarma choice you prefer and then have it delivered to your home.

You can choose from a range of options when ordering Shawarma online

There are plenty of tasty Shawarma choices available in Scoops Cafe online. Scoops Cafe also offers other Chops that range from pizza to Shakes, burgers and Soda Drinks. Make the most of the opportunity to sample the great food options at Scoops Cafe in Gwarinpa, Abuja.

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Shawarma delivery home delivery within Gwarinpa, Abuja is simple easy and cost-free using Scoops Cafe, be assured that your orders will not be mixed. The service is quick and efficient. Take advantage of this service to avail any delivery option.

How to Order Shawarma On Scoops Cafe

Shawarma delivery at Scoops Cafe can be really simple and unintimidating There are numerous ways to do it which are as follows:

  1. Order Online Through
  2. Place an order through WhatsApp via this Link or send a Message
  3. Order On Call via 09015484441

How to Order Shawarma Online on

This step-by-step guide teaches you how to purchase Shawarma online without the need to make an appointment by phone or talk to with anyone via WhatsApp. If you live inside Gwarinpa, Abuja and have an active credit or debit card, you’ll usually have a range of Shawarma options from which to pick. Your order will be prepared and delivered in 30 minutes or less. Delivery is no cost if you order more than N5,000.

Step 1: Go to

On the homepage , you will notice a link that reads, “Order Online”, click on it, and it leads your to the main page.

Step 2. Browse the menu.

You’ll usually be able to look through the items available for purchase, and you can click on the name or image of the item to view a photograph or learn more regarding the cut. Then, you can proceed to adding the quantities and variants of the items you like to add to your cart.

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From pizzas to shawarmas to soft drinks and fries There’s always something delicious to pick from at Scoops! Click on the item you’d like to purchase and then add it to the cart. The cart will store the items until you are ready to checkout.

Step 3: Review Your Cart.

There should be an icon for a shopping cart or terms Shopping Cart or Cart somewhere on the page (usually on the top-right or in the button corner). It displays a list of the items you’ve added so to date, along with the subtotal. If you notice something that doesn’t seem right, you can take the wrong item(s) from your cart and add it back in the correct way and also allow you to modify the items directly out of the cart, so that you don’t need to delete them all over again and start from scratch.

If you have coupons or promo codes that wasn’t automatically added you can enter it into the Promo Code or Discount Code empty. This will recalculate your cart to include the discount you’re offering.

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Step 4: Add Delivery Details

Start by including your delivery and billing details. If your purchase is delivered to a suite or apartment make sure you include this information, along with any codes needed to enter the premises. Check that the phone number you input is one that you are able to access. Scoops kitchen or delivery driver could have to call you regarding your order. You don’t wish to miss that call.

Step 5: Fill out your Purchase

Prior to completing your order check that everything is correct and the prices are in line with what you expected. If you’re happy then click on the payment method. It should be one of the following “Pay with Card”, “Pay with Transfer”, “Pay Upon Delivery” and any other option that is accessible. When your order is accepted, you’ll get confirmation of the transaction and an estimated time of delivery. It’s common to get an email confirmation that doubles as an invoice.


Step 6: Await Delivery

Relax and wait for the delivery within 20-30 minutes.

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