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You don’t have to be afraid of using a grill to cook your steak — it’s not an uphill task, as long as you adopt the basic tips and tricks in this post. Indeed, you can grill perfect steak. Keep reading to learn more.

Preparing Your Steak

When it comes to the preparation stage before the actual grilling, here are some proven tricks that will make your steak come out perfect;

#1: Select a Suitable Grill for Your Steak

Your steak does not need much seasoning — just pepper and salt will pack up the flavor you desire, as long as you’ve purchased a great steak. What you really need to step up the flavor more desirably is the right grill. Well, the truth is that any grill will cook your steak nicely, as long as you do the right preparation.

And, when it comes to the choices of grill, here’s how these major grills function;

Propane: A gas grill would let your steaks stand on their own. And, it is the easiest and fastest to control, which makes it the perfect choice for last minute grills or larger meals. A propane grill adds minimal flavor to your steak.

Wood-Fire: This is the most difficult to light as well as manage, but majority of barbecue enthusiasts love this grilling option because of the distinct flavor it adds to steaks.

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Charcoal Grill: It heats up relatively quicker and provides rich, smoky flavor to your steak – the “classic” BBQ. Before you start smoking on a charcoal grill, ensure it is all white-hot. Using a charcoal grill might not come off easily as you had expected, but it is a fun and tasty experience. Find the best charcoal grills here:

#2: Buy Freshly Cut Steak

Also, to make sure your smoked steak comes out perfect, you should go for freshly cut organic steak. You should avoid the brown colored or marooned steak. According to health experts, grass-fed beef contains higher volume of important nutrients, and may also have huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

#3: The Steak Should Sit Covered for a While

Allow your steak to sit and cover it for about 10 minutes or slightly less, at room temperature. This way, you don’t have to place cold steak on heated grill — this disrupts cook times substantially, making it more difficult to achieve perfectly-seared external, as well as middle that has been completely cooked.

It’s better to allow steaks thicker than 3.8cm to sit for a longer time — let’s say about 15 minutes. Grilling experts recommend bringing your steak to room temperature as a very important step in achieving a perfect grill.

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#4: Massage the Steak with Pepper and Salt

Add pepper and salt, preferably sea-salt, to the steak and massage into the meat gently. If you want to do it the chef way, you may want to add seasoning — but most of the mouth-watering steaks from steakhouses are only seasoned with pepper and salt. When it comes to salt, sea-salt is a great choice for pure organic grass-fed steak. The quantity of pepper depends on personal taste and choice. Ensure you thoroughly massage all sides of the steak with the pepper and salt.

#5: Get Your Grill Ready

Get the grill ready by pre-heating it on medium high heat. You should heat a propane grill for about 5-10 minutes if the cover is on. On the other hand, if you are grilling with wood or charcoal, you should begin to heat it approximately 30 minutes earlier or slightly more. The grill should be hotter if the steak is thinner. It’s important to monitor the temperature duration. You can still keep track of the temperature without a thermometer — you need to apply some tricks. Here’s an example; for a half inch (1.3 cm) steak, the heat should be between 425 and 450 degree Fahrenheit (218-232 0C.)

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It’s Time to Grill the Steak

Step #1:

As soon as the grill heats to recommended temperature, place the steak directly above the source of the heat. If you are grilling with propane, you should place the steak right above the flames after laying it on the grate. It’s better not to move it much after setting it down. The steak needs to be in place in order to give you that nice charred grill lines.

Step #2:

Depending on the degree you want the steak to cook, you can cook each side for about 3-7 minutes — it also depends on the thickness of the meat. However, pure organic grass-fed steaks cook and grill faster than the regular beef. Take note of the steak when you turn it — if the color is pink, it means the grill is not well heated — increase the heat and flip the steak over. Then, finish grilling your steak with low or medium heat.


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