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J. Alexander’s Menu Prices, History & Review

J. Alexander’s Menu Prices

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J. Alexander’s is a restaurant that offers quality American food – think wood-fired steaks, juicy burgers, tasty salads, and much more. Each restaurant also offers their own special J. Alexander’s Menu Prices options on a rotating basis. The food is served in an upscale atmosphere, but not so upscale that it is out of reach of the average American budget.

The corporation that owns this restaurant actually has a collection of three separate restaurants, which also includes Redlands Grill and Stoney River. Each restaurant offers similar menu options and a full-service bar. The restaurants are located in fifteen states, the majority of which are in the South and the Midwest.

J. Alexander’s Menu Prices
J. Alexander’s Menu Prices

J. Alexander’s Menu Prices

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History of J. Alexander’s

The company was founded in 1971 in Nashville, Tennessee, by three businessmen – Jack C. Massey, Earl Beasley, Jr., and John Neff, Jr. The company was then called Volunteer Capital Corporation. Volunteer Capital originally focused on leasing equipment. It then moved to fast food and then purchased a chain of family-style dining restaurants called Mrs. Winner’s Chicken and Biscuit.

In 1982, Volunteer Capital changed it’s name to Winners Corp. The Winner’s restaurants struggled and started losing money throughout the mid to late 80’s. The company was bought out by RTM Inc. in 1989, and Lonnie J. Stout II became chairman after the death of Jack C. Massey in February 1990. The company changed its name back to Volunteer Capital and decided to focus on opening a new line of casual dining restaurants.

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In May 1991, the corporation opened their first restaurant, also in Nashville, Tennessee. The restaurant was located on a road that was known to locals as “Death Row” because so many previous businesses on the road had failed. Fortunately, this did not hold true for J. Alexander’s, as the restaurant was an immediate success.

The corporation continued to add new restaurants and expanded exponentially throughout the 90’s. In 1997, the name was changed to J. Alexander’s Corporation. Fidelity National Financial bought the company in 2012.

J. Alexander’s Review

J. Alexander’s has a wonderful variety of menu options, the most popular of which are the marinated steaks and tender prime rib. For those who want to veer away from the red meat, the seafood and chicken dishes are excellent as well. One popular dinner item is the Rattlesnake Pasta, with a mixture of Southwestern spices, peppers, and chicken.

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Although the restaurant is officially considered casual dining, it has a more high-class atmosphere that might be encountered at a more upscale restaurant, but more affordable prices on the menu. These prices include $6-$13 appetizers, a wide variety of salads that cost anywhere from about $10-$19, burgers and sandwiches that range from $12-$21, main entrees from about $16-$33, and desserts around $7-$8. Cocktails and drinks average about $10-$12.

The restaurant boasts attentive and friendly service. Taste of the food is flavorful and delicious. High marks also for food presentation and variety of menu items.

The hygiene of the restaurant is very clean and the ambiance is pleasant. There are around 30 restaurant locations throughout the Midwest and the South, so there are plenty of opportunities to access the unique dining experience offered by J. Alexander’s.

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