Kneaders Menu Prices

Kneaders Menu Prices, History & Review

Kneaders Bakery and Café is known for its European – Style crusty slices of bread and pastries around the USA.

People loved to dine here because of their mouth-watering dishes ranging from pastries to soups, salads and up to the desserts. The superb taste of food is beyond your expectation.

Kneaders Menu Prices
Kneaders Menu Prices

Kneaders Menu Prices

History of Kneaders

Gary and Colleen Worthington founded Kneaders in Orem, Utah in 1997. The development and enhancement of their baking techniques have led them to an inspiration to signature craft their bread.

In 2018 there has been a record of 60 locations of their café present in 8 States of the USA.

Kneaders Review

The café has an inviting aura. They also have a fireplace to warm you up. Variations of the luxurious type of woods and tiles are used to build their stores.

They offer delightful foods. You will love their large luscious meals. They use simple ingredients for their European style hearth bread.

The Seasonal Soups they offer are outstanding. French toasts are perfect to munch during morning time. Hand-pulled turkey sandwiches and cheddar garlic bread are also excellent treats for you.

Avoid the noontime crowd to enjoy dining in their place in comfort. They will serve you with so much warmth and excellent service.


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