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The Polo Bar Menu Prices, History & Review

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Enlivened by exemplary New York foundations and Ralph Lauren’s adoration for social event around the table with family and companions, The Polo Bar offers an easygoing yet refined setting for food and drink in the core of NYC. From the Henry Koehler polo match– roused painting on the outside to the seat calfskin and equestrian workmanship inside, the restaurant pays reverence to the separated brandishing way of life long synonymous with the Ralph Lauren brand. The Polo Bar’s American food is motivated by Ralph Lauren’s undisputed top choices. Occasional dishes go from a firm kale plate of mixed greens and crabcakes to a corned beef sandwich, steak, and the mark Polo Bar Burger.

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Beef from Ralph Lauren’s Double RL Ranch in Colorado will be offered at select occasions consistently. The star of The Polo Bar Menu Prices is Ralph’s Coffee Ice Cream, natively prepared with Ralph’s custom coffee mix. To drink, visitors can look over exemplary mixed drinks and a various determination of wines and other fine spirits. The Polo Bar waitstaff is equipped in custom Ralph Lauren dim wool pants, cowhide wingtips, and silk repp ties.

The Polo Bar Menu Prices
The Polo Bar Menu Prices

The Polo Bar Menu Prices

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History of The Polo Bar

The Polo Bar is Ralph Lauren’s third restaurant, joining RL Restaurant, which opened in 1999 in Chicago, and Ralph’s, which opened in 2010 in Paris, in another words, its a Handsome American restaurant by designer Ralph Lauren, serving classic dishes, bar bites & drinks.

The Polo Bar Review

The Polo Bar, an astonishingly spot-on titan of an erudite dining experience from the crown prince of Americana, opening tonight.


Sorry if that seems out of context, but it seemed ludicrous to go any further without putting that word out there, because they’re everywhere here. Leather and wood: also everywhere. And tweed-pantsed bartenders. And oxford-button-downed servers. And a majestic fireplace. It’s just exactly what you imagined in your most Laurenian dreams.

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And you pause at the bar, where you walk in, and you marvel to yourself, “Polo shirts did this,” and you have a winter punch (if ever there were a day for it).

Then you head downstairs, famished and full of winter punch. And you marvel to yourself, “This feels like a glorious Ralph Lauren–decorated living room. And I’d like a large burger.” And then you see one of the aforementioned oxford shirts and say, “I’d like a large burger.” First thought, best thought.

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