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Start Your Morning Right with a Mushroom Latte

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Everyone has their own morning routine. It may include a shower, breakfast, meditation time, prayer, or even exercise, but one thing most people have in common is that their morning routine includes a cup or even sometimes multiple cups of coffee. This has been a tradition of the morning for as far back as most people can remember. One may even say it is part of a balanced breakfast. Cars run on gasoline and unfortunately, many people run on caffeine.

Caffeine is a drug that can be very addictive and harmful in large doses. It elevates the user’s heart rate and blood pressure causing them to feel like they are on the edge. Some people will even visibly shake when they have had large doses of caffeine. Luckily there is a way to get off of the roller coaster that is taking caffeine to wake-up and increase energy. Mushroom Lattes are a fairly new alternative to hit the market. 

What is a Mushroom Latte?

The mushroom latte is a healthier and all-natural alternative to your morning cup of coffee. A mushroom latte does contain a small amount of coffee but it is only to improve the flavor profile. The better brands of mushroom latte will include premium mushrooms.

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You should look for the mushroom species lion’s mane and Chaga mushrooms when seeking the best mushroom latte. You also want to make sure the mushroom latte is using l-theanine for its energy source.

What Are the Benefits of a Mushroom Latte?

Mushroom lattes offer several benefits and are a great option to start your day. Anyone would benefit from starting every day with a mushroom latte.

You need to make sure your mushroom latte contains lion’s head mushrooms because they have several medicinal benefits. Lion’s mane mushrooms can aid you to fall asleep easily when it comes time for bed. Lion’s mane will not only help you fall asleep but it will help you to stay asleep. Lion’s mane also aids in helping you have a clearer mind. Many people who add mushroom lattes to their daily routine say it feels like a fog has lifted and that their mind just seems to work more effectively than it has in the past.

The other species of mushroom you need to keep an eye out for is the Chaga mushroom. This mushroom also has many medicinal uses. It is most well known to increase your immunity and help you to fight off any diseases or infections. The Chaga mushroom also helps to lower the user’s blood pressure and cholesterol with regular use. This means mushroom lattes are actually good for your cardiovascular health, while large doses of caffeine can be very harmful.

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Make sure the mushroom latte you choose contains l-theanine as its ingredient to increase energy. L-theanine is found in green tea and is an all-natural way to increase your energy. It actually causes people to feel calm. L-theanine has the opposite effect of caffeine in a lot of ways. While it does increase your energy the same way caffeine does. It does not make your heart race.

Mushroom Latte vs. Coffee

Coffee and mushroom lattes are similar in the fact that they both can be used to increase your energy, but that is really where the similarities end. Mushroom lattes are honestly superior to coffee in a lot of ways. Coffee does not offer any medicinal benefits. Mushroom lattes, by comparison, offer many health benefits.

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Mushroom lattes help you to think clearer, sleep better, and increase your energy without the horrible side effects of coffee. When starting your day with a mushroom latte you don’t feel like you are on edge for the next few hours.

In closing, there is really no competition between coffee and mushroom lattes. Why would you not start your day with the superior product? A mushroom latte will provide you with energy and much more. It is clearly time to make a change to your morning routine and add that mushroom latte.

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