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Bonchon Menu Prices, History & Review

Bonchon Menu Prices

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BonChon is a Korean chain restaurant that serves Korean broiled chicken with other Korean dishes. They are popular for the organizer’s unique soy garlic browned chicken formula.

Clients love their firm and delightful coated chicken. They offer incredible choices in their menu and you would probably discover something that would fit what you’re searching for.

Bonchon Menu Prices
Bonchon Menu Prices

Bonchon Menu Prices

Item Size Price
Organic Edamame $5.00
Black Truffle Shoestring Fries $7.00
Sweet Potato Fries $8.00
Seasoned Idaho Tator Tots $7.00
Hand-wrapped Potstickers (Mandoo) (6) $8.00
Crispy Arctic Snow Crab Blossoms (6) $10.00
Jumbo Onion Rings $7.00
Breaded Zucchini Sticks $7.00
Jalapeno & Cheddar Poppers $9.00
Scallion & Shallot Pancake (Pajeon) $11.00
Seafood Pancake (Haemul Pajeon) $15.00
Spicy Kimchi Pancake (Kim-Chi-Jeon) $13.00
Crispy Calamari (Ojingeo-Twigim) $10.00
Salads & Vegetables
Sesame Ginger Tofu Salad $9.00
Hiyashi Wakame Seaweed Salad $9.00
Balsamic House Salad $6.00
Grilled Chicken & Asian Pear Salad $11.00
Cucumber Spring Mix Salad $8.00
Grilled Chicken Romaine Tossed Salad $9.00
Mushroom Rice Bowl $9.00
Market Vegetable & Tofu Rice Bowl $11.00
Broccoli & Mushroom $10.00
Garlic & Shallot String Beans $9.00
Sauteed Baby Bakchoy $8.00
Mushroom (Shitake, Crimini, Portobella) Trio $10.00
Chicken Katsu Don with Poached Egg, Salad, & Rice $13.00
Korean Soft Tacos (3) Choice: chicken, ribeye steak, pork, bacon, tofu $12.00
Seoul Rice Bowl with Seared Tofu and Bacon (2) Choice: chicken, ribeye steak, pork, tofu (marinated or spicy) $12.00
Shrimp & Egg Fried Rice (Sae-Woo Bo-Kum-Bop) Bonchon house fried rice with poached egg, add seafood $4.00 $12.00
Choice: Chicken, Ribeye Steak, Pork Kimchi, egg, & mushroom fried rice, kim-chi bo-kum-bop $11.00
Spicy Duk-Boki stir-fried rice cake, fish cake, mushroom, korean broth, cheese, add seafood $3.00, ramen $3.00 $13.00
Stir-fried Organic Chicken Breast & Broccoli $12.00
Bulgogi Steak & Broccoli with Mushrooms $13.00
Sauteed Grilled Organic Chicken Breast & Snow Peas $12.00
Bowl of Homemade Chicken & Vegetable Soup with Rice $10.00
Sizzling Bulgogi Platter with Rice House marinade, garlic, mushroom, shallot, market vegetables. Choice of ribeye steak, chicken, pork $15.00
Sizzling Spicy Chicken Duk-Gal-Bi Platter with Rice Spicy marinade, garlic, mushroom, shallot, market vegetables $15.00
Grilled Korean Beef Short Ribs (9) (Kalbi) Marinated lateral cut, mushrooms, cast iron platter, rice $20.00
Bulgogi Burger & Truffle Shoestring Fries Lafrieda shortrib blend, toasted sesame bun, organic greens $13.00
Korean Triple Layer Burger & Truffle Shoestring Fries Lafrieda shortrib blend, crunchies, kimchi, bacon, toasted bun $15.00
Marinated BBQ Burgers & Idaho Tator Tots Choice: salmon, california veggie, chicken breast, turkey $12.00
Steak Bulgogi, Bacon, Kimchi Hotdog & Idaho Tator Tots $12.00
Short-Rib Steak Sliders (3) Lafrieda signature blend, toasted sesame bun, organic greens $12.00
Organic Chicken Breast Sliders (3) Choice: frilled fried marinated or spicy $11.00
BBQ Chicken Breast, Mushroom, & Poached Egg Rice Bowl $12.00
Lunch Specials
BonChon Chicken Lunch Special (6 Wings, 1 Drum, Rice) $9.00
Chicken Breast Meal Special (6 Breasts, Rice) $9.00
Chicken Drumsticks Special (4 Drums, Rice) $9.00
Korean Short-Rib Bulgogi Burger & Truffle Fries $10.00
Marinated Chicken or Ribeye Steak Fried Rice $9.00
Marinated Chicken & Mushroom Rice Bowl $8.00
Grilled Chicken Breast, Mushroom, & Poached Egg Rice Bowl $9.00
Chicken Katsu Don Lunch Special $8.00
Signature Bonchon Korean Style Chicken
Sauce choice: soy garlic or hot & spicy or half & half
Wings Small 8 pcs, medium 20 pcs, large 30 pcs, x-large 40 pcs $9.00 – $38.00
Drumsticks Small 8 pcs, medium 15 pcs, large 20 pcs, x-large 30 pcs $10.00 – $43.00
Boneless Small 8 pcs, medium 20 pcs $10.00 – $22.00
Breast Strips Large 30 pcs, x-large 40 pcs $30.00 – $39.00
Chicken Combos Small wings 4 pcs and drums 3 pcs, medium wings 10 pcs and drums 6 pcs, large wings 16 pcs and drums 8 pcs, x-large wings 20 pcs and drums 15 pcs $10.00 – $40.00
Side Dishes
Jasmine Rice $2.00
Brown Rice $3.00
Miso & Tofu Soup $3.00
Poggi Napa Kimchi $5.00
Large Korean Pickled Radish (Daanmooji) $3.00
Steamed or Sauteed Market Vegetables $8.00
Home-made Coleslaw or Kimchi Coleslaw $5.00
Egg & Scallion Fried Rice $8.00
Side Salad $7.00
Coca-Cola Classic $3.00
Diet Coke $3.00
Ginger Ale $3.00
Sprite $3.00
Orange Fanta $3.00
Grape Fanta $3.00
Dr. Pepper $3.00
Iced Tea $3.00
Raspberry Tea $3.00
Ito-En Oi-ocha green tea, aloe & mangosteen, aloe & honey $4.00
Boylan’s All Natura Ginger ale, black cherry, orange, root beer, creme, grape $4.00
Orange Juice $3.00
Pineapple Juice $3.00
Apple Juice $3.00
Cranberry Juice $3.00
Lemonade $3.00
Tomato Juice $3.00
V8 Vegetable Juice $3.00
Green White Tea $4.00
Pure Green Tea $4.00
Country Peach Tea $4.00
Crispy Apple Peach Tea $4.00
Green Apple Tea $4.00
Lemon Tea $4.00
Mango Blood Orange $4.00
Lemon Peel Ginger Root $4.00
Voss Glacier Premium Water $3.50
Pellegrino Sparkling Water $3.50
Pellegrino Limonata Water $3.50
Pellegrino Orange Aranciata Water $3.50
Hot Drinks Coffee americana, espresso single, green tea, ginger tea, lychee tea, jasmine tea, black tea, coffee $3.00
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History of Bonchon

The first BonChon area opened its entryways in 2002 at Busan, South Korea. It was established by Jinduk Seo who made the cooking system and sauces for its trademark chicken.

They have in excess of 70 stores in the United States and 300 stores around the world. It was perceived for having the best chicken wings in New York by Grub Street.

Bonchon Review

They are set-up as an easygoing eating restaurant with accessible seating at the bar. I found the restaurant little and it can become busy if individuals begin coming in.

I like both their zesty and soy garlic enhanced chicken. They are cooked to be very firm and tasty. I was astounded that the sauce didn’t make the skin wet.

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I’d suggest getting chicken wings as both of the seasoned sauces run well with it. I likewise suggest their potstickers and coleslaw.

Their staff was mindful and ensured that everything was running admirably with my supper. Food is made after you request so you would need to hang tight for it.

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